Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nirgunache Bheti – Biography of Sri Nisargadattaji Maharaj - Released


Dear Divine Souls,

“Nirgunache Bheti” (Marathi Version) and “Tatvamasi” Tat-Tvam-Asi (English Version) which is the biography based on Sri Nisargadattaji Maharaj practising Advaita philosophy is released on 28th August on the occasion of Nisargadatta's Punyatithee ( Samadhi Day)

To know more about the film please click here.

It is available for purchase with an introductory offer at

Direct link for download

To know more about his Sadhana days and his philosophy please click here.

Nisargadatta Quotes

Info Courtesy of Shri Nitinbhai – Devotee / Disciple of Sri Maharaj.



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