Sunday, June 29, 2008

Invocation - From Advaita Vedanta Standpoint

In Brahman, there is not separation.

Then, who is there to see?
The Reality, which is without encumbrances, is, itself, the most natural state of samadhi. 
It is in that state that the sorrow and scourge of worldly life have their end.
That which is the end of attachment
Is to be understood as the final doctrine.
It is also verified by the Vedas and the Guru,
And the actual experience of the Self.
Enough with this.
Brahman is that Eternity in which there is no illusion or maya.
The one who has experienced it
Will realize the meaning of this.
The one thing that we must do
Is to discard concepts projected by the mind, at any level,
Through Self-Realization,
And then there is the eternal paradise of Bliss.

— - Sant Ramadasa (Samarth Ramdas) in his Dasboadh

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