Monday, June 30, 2008

Quotes by Swami Rama

"The Sanskrit word for 'action' is 'karma', derived from the root 'kri' which means 'to do'.
One does action and gets remunerated for it, in turn transferring 
this remuneration to others for work done by them. 
Thus, fruit has arisen out of action, and action out of fruit.
From time immemorial, life has been conducted in this manner.
This is called the wheel of karma. 
To act with the motive of gaining fruits is to invite bondage. 
Relinquishing the fruits frees us from all miseries."

"Love and attachment are two different things. Love means giving
selflessly, excluding none and including all. Attachment is possessing
something. In reality, it is bondage. There is a vast difference
between love and attachment. Western people say, "How can you live
without attachment?" Well, you can live wonderfully without
attachment. You can live on love. Love and attachment are poles
apart. One is the cause of freedom. The other is the cause of bondage."

"First your teacher introduces you to the real teacher within you, 
which is called your own conscience. Then you start counseling 
within: "I should not do this because it is not helpful. This is 
creating an obstacle for me." The teacher inspires you, gives you 
strength--that strength which is already within you. The teacher 
introduces you to your own conscience and says, "My child, look 
within and be guided by this."

"You really do not need to know many things, 
but you definitely need to practice what you know."


On meditation...

"When you practice meditation, 
nitially you come in touch with yourself and all your thought patterns;
you come to understand your inner dialogue. 
Then, you learn to discriminate—to select and reject; 
and finally, you learn how to work with yourself."

On searching for God...

"You are searching for something without understanding that it is within you. 
Search within. This is a direct approach. 
Do not search for God outside. God is already within you. 
When you come to know that God dwells within you, 
then your life will totally change and you will be transformed. 
When you have perfect control over the modifications of the mind, 

you will attain the highest level of consciousness or samadhi.” 

From: Yoga the Sacred Science, volume one by Swami Rama

On who we are...

"I have come to share my joy truthfully with you.
I say, ye human beings, among all the species on the earth, you are the greatest.
You are the greatest for you can change your destiny, you can build your destiny,

you can enlighten yourself.”

From: Conscious Living: A Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation by Swami Rama

On God, the One unborn...

“His tray of lapis forms the sky where sun and moon as lanterns lie;
Like precious gems the stars are strewn upon His tray beside the moon.
The perfume of the scented trees is carried by the gentle breeze
And blossoms of the earth adorn His holy feet,

the One unborn." 

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Volume I, in English Verse Transcreated by Swami Rama


The poor long for riches, the rich long for heaven, but the
  wise long for a state of tranquility.


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