Monday, October 23, 2017

Creation from Panchmahābhuta-s, 5 great elements as explained in tattva bodha


This article was difficult to format in blogger. Hence a pdf is created. Article is 8 pages long. 

This article explains the process of manifestation of the world and 24 cosmic principles which are described in saṃkhya philosophy of the great kapila muni. Ādi Śankara Bhagavadpāda in this prakaraṇa grantha 'tatva bodha' has explained the basic terminology of common terms used in vedānta like what is mind, what is ātman, etc. He also explains 5 bodies and then moves on the topic of panchikaraṇam which is manifestation of the world and 24 cosmic principles from māyā, Brahman's power. 

Panchiparaṇam is difficult to understand for beginners. In am attempt to make it easy to understand various charts are created. Charts are created using an online service which is connected to Gōgle Drive. You can save the file in google drive and open it from google drive. 

All charts, their png versions in transparent and white background are also stored in google drive. Original article in odt and docx format along with pdf format is also stored.

Please visit this link to access all documents and charts.



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