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What should one do for salvation (Kalyan and Mukti)?

Question:  What should one do for salvation?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  if a person firmly accepts the following four things then his salvation (kalyaan) is certain:-

1. Nothing is Mine.

2. I do not need anything.

3. I do not have any relationship with anybody.

4. Only God is my own.

The fundamental fault is to assume "mine-ness" with the temporary worldly things. From this fault alone all other faults arise. In fact in this entire universe not even a thing like hair is ours. Therefore as soon as we accept "nothing is mine" - there comes faultlessness in us and we instantly become "dharmatma" (a pure holy soul).

When nothing is ours, then what is there to desire? Hence as soon we accept- "I do not need anything", we become "nishkaam" (desireless) and henceforth a "Yogi" as you acquire Equanimity. - "samatvam yog uchyate" (Gita 2: 48)

The essential self (svaroop) of every human being is "asang" (naturally detached). Therefore as soon as we decline to accept any relationship with any body or any thing that comes together and later departs, we realize our self proven, obvious disassociation or

Detachment from others. And as soon as we realise our obvious detachment, we become "jnani" (knowledgeable).

We are essentially a part of God - Gita 15:7. Hence only God is ours. Nobody else is ours. As soon as we accept our mine-ness with God, we become "Bhakta"(devotee of God).

A human being's kalyaan (salvation) is only vested in his being Dharmatma Yogi (pure holy soul, with equanimity and free of all desires), in being Detached and in being a Devotee of God. Therefore it is a spiritual aspirant's duty that he accepts these four worthy facts with a firm conviction. Then his salvation is definite.

From "Maanav Matra ke kalyaan ke liye" in Hindi pg 69/70, by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Question:  Why is it that the extremely wealthy, extremely learned, a poverty stricken person and one with severe disease find it difficult to attain salvation (kalyaan) ?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  One who is extremely wealthy tends to be attached to his wealth, one who is very learned tends to be attached to his knowledge and learning, one who is extremely poor tends to be deeply attached to money, and one who is diseased tends to be extremely attached to his body. This attachment becomes the main obstacle to salvation. Due to this attachment, they are unable to easily engage in God. If this attachment does not remain, then they too can attain salvation.

From "Prashnouttermanimaala" in Hindi pg 90 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Question:  What is the difference between the Salvation of those who believe in attributeless, formless God, and on the other hand the state of communion of soul with the Supreme Being for those who believe in God with form and attributes ?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  In the state of communion of soul with the Supreme Being, the realization is of God with form and attributes in entirety. It is with or without God's super human powers, i.e. it is not limited to God's divine manifestation of superhuman power or qualities. In salvation (mukti), realization is of attributeless, formless Supreme Consciousness (Nirgun Brahma), the superhuman force behind everything.

From "Prashnouttermanimaala" in Hindi pg 90 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Question:  Some people criticize salvation (mukti) and believe that the complete fulfillment in human life is on entering the eternal divine sport of Radha - Krsna. Is this alright?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  They do not understand what salvation, what freedom from bondage (mukti) is! When one is totally disassociated (detached) from the inert, that itself is salvation, freedom from bondage (mukti). It is only when one has entirely detached from the inert, that he becomes eligible to enter the eternal divine sport of Radha-Krsna and to have the inner feeling (bhava) that the Gopis had. It is only then that divine love is manifested within.

From "Prashnouttermanimaala" in Hindi pg 90 by Swami Ramsukhdasji


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[Update] Understanding Advaita and Sanatan Dharma Websites Migrated to New Platform


Dear Divine Atman

Wishing you a very Happy Janmastami

Websites Understanding Advaita and Sanatan Dharma were developed and hosted on Google Sites Platform. Since last few years, Google Sites has developed a new website builder platform, known as New Google Sites or simply Google Sites, which is aimed to give consistent look and feel on multiple devices like Desktop, Tab and Mobile (known as responsive design or layout). Classic Sites platform is discontinued from 31-Aug2021 and all websites created on old Google Sites Platform, now called Classic Sites need to migrate to the new Website Builder Platform in order to keep the site active and available for public viewing.

The migration to the new sites is still going on. All content is transferred the the new Google Sites Platform. Both websites Understanding Advaita and Santana Dharma will remain active. The content is also available as PDF format. In addition to pdf, for Understanding Advaita website, content is available as docx and as Google Docs. For Sanatan Dharma website, content is available as Google docs document in which you can suggest any corrections via comments. What is left is to check for broken links and formatting which will be done in free time. 

As a viewer, you do not need to do anything. The URLs remain the same except that Google Sites now auto redirects to HTTPS instead of HTTP. www has to be typed in if you type in address bar to open the website. 

URLs of both website are


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New Google Sites offer less functionality. It does not offer the following

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Interested viewers can visit the following link for full comparison between two sites 

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The author hopes that the new site turns out to be more user friendly then older one.

May both websites continue to help students of Sanatan Dharma and Advaita Vedanta.

Hari OM

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Sri Ramakrishna on Temporary Vairagya and advice to those Grieving for Loved Ones

Adhar Sen arrived with several of his friends. He was a deputy magistrate, about thirty years old. This was his second visit to the Master. He was accompanied by his friend Saradacharan, who was extremely unhappy because of the death of his eldest son. A retired deputy inspector of schools, Saradacharan devoted himself to meditation and prayer. Adhar had brought his friend to the Master for consolation in his afflicted state of mind.

Coming down from samadhi, the Master found the eyes of the devotees fixed on him. He muttered to himself, still in an abstracted mood.

Then, addressing the devotees, Sri Ramakrishna said: "The spiritual wisdom of worldly people is seen only on rare occasions. It is like the flame of a candle. No, it is rather like a single ray of the sun passing through a chink in a wall. Worldly people chant the name of God, but there is no zeal behind it. It is like children's swearing by God, having learnt the word from the quarrels of their aunts.

"Worldly people have no grit. If they succeed in an undertaking, it is all right, but if they don't succeed, it scarcely bothers them at all. When they need water they begin to dig a well. But as soon as they strike a stone they give up digging there and begin at another place. Perhaps they come to a bed of sand. Finding nothing but sand, they give that place up too. How can they succeed in getting water unless they continue to dig persistently where they started?

"Man reaps the harvest of his own past actions. Hence you read in the song:

O Mother, I have no one else to blame:

Alas! I sink in the well these very hands have dug.

Sri Ramakrishna: "'I' and 'mine' — that is ignorance. By discriminating you will realize that what you call 'I' is really nothing but Atman. Reason it out. Are you the body or the flesh or something else? At the end you will know that you are none of these. You are free from attributes. Then you will realize that you have never been the doer of any action, that you have been free from virtue and faults alike, that you are beyond righteousness and unrighteousness.

"From ignorance a man says, 'This is gold and this is brass.' But a man of Knowledge says, 'It is all gold.'

"Reasoning stops when one sees God. But there are instances of people who have realized God and who still continue to reason. Again, there are people who, even after having seen God, chant His name with devotion and sing His glories.

"How long does a child cry? So long as it is not sucking at its mother's breast. As soon as it is nursed it stops crying. Then the child feels only joy. Joyously it drinks the milk from its mother's breast. But it is also true that, while drinking, the child sometimes plays and laughs.

"It is God alone who has become everything. But in man He manifests Himself the most. God is directly present in the man who has the pure heart of a child and who laughs and cries and dances and sings in divine ecstasy." 

By this time Sri Ramakrishna had become better acquainted with Adhar, who related the cause of his friend's grief. The Master sang, as if to himself: 

To arms! To arms, O man! Death storms your house in battle array!

Bearing the quiver of knowledge, mount the chariot of devotion;

Bend the bow of your tongue with the bow-string of love.

And aim at him the shaft of Mother Kali's holy name.

Here is a ruse for the fray: You need no chariot or charioteer;

Fight your toe from the Ganges' bank, and he is easily slain.

Then he said: "What can you do? Be ready for Death. Death has entered the house. You must fight him with the weapon of God's holy name; God alone is the Doer. I say: 'O Lord, I do as Thou doest through me. I speak as Thou speakest through me. I am the machine and Thou art the Operator. I am the house and Thou art the Indweller. I am the engine and Thou art the Engineer.' Give your power of attorney to God. One doesn't come to grief through letting a good man assume one's responsibilities. Let His will be done.

"But isn't your grief for your son only natural? The son is one's own self reborn. Lakshmana ran to Ravana when the latter fell dead on the battle-field. Looking at Ravana's body, he found that every one of his bones was full of holes. Thereupon he said to Rama: 'O Rama, glory be to Your arrows! There is no spot in Ravana's body that they have not pierced.' 'Brother,' replied Rama, 'the holes you see in his bones are not from My arrows. Grief for his sons has pierced them through and through. These holes are the marks of his grief. It has penetrated his very bones.'

"But house, wife, and children are all transitory; they have only a momentary existence. The palm-tree alone is-real. One or two fruits have dropped off. Why lament?

"God is engaged in three kinds of activity: creation, preservation, and destruction. Death is inevitable. All will be destroyed at the time of dissolution. Nothing will remain. At that time the Divine Mother will gather up the seeds for the future creation, even as the elderly mistress of the house keeps in her hotchpotch-pot little bags of cucumber seeds, 'sea-foam', blue pills, and other miscellaneous things. The Divine Mother will take Her seeds out again at the time of the new creation."

Sri Ramakrishna began to talk with Adhar on the verandah north of his room.

Sri Ramakrishna (to Adhar): "You are a deputy magistrate. Remember that you have obtained your position through the grace of God. Do not forget Him, but remember that all men must one day walk down the same path.* We stay in the world only a couple of days.

"This world is our field of activity. We are born here to perform certain duties. People have their homes in the country but come to Calcutta to work, "It is necessary to do a certain amount of work. This is a kind of discipline. But one must finish it speedily. While melting gold, the goldsmith uses everything — the bellows, the fan, and the pipe — so that he may have the hot fire he needs to melt the metal. After the melting is over, he relaxes and asks his attendant to prepare a smoke for him. All this time his face has been hot and perspiring; but now he can smoke.

"One must have stern determination; then alone is spiritual practice possible. One must make a firm resolve.

"There is great power in the seed of God's name. It destroys ignorance. A seed is tender, and the sprout soft; still it pierces the hard ground. The ground breaks and makes way for the sprout.

"The mind becomes very much distracted if one lives long in the midst of 'woman and gold'. Therefore one must be very careful. But monks do not have much to fear. The real sannyasi lives away from 'woman and gold'. Therefore through the practice of spiritual discipline he can always fix his mind on God.

"True sannyasis, those who are able to devote their minds constantly to God, are like bees, which light only on flowers and sip their honey. Those who live in the world, in the midst of 'woman and gold', may direct their attention to God; but sometimes their minds dwell also on 'woman and gold'. They are like common flies, which light on a piece of candy, then on a sore or filth.

"Always keep your mind fixed on God. In the beginning you must struggle a little; later on you will enjoy your pension."

Source: Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Sunday, August 1, 2021

In the end, will Self merge in the Supreme or is a part of it or remains separate


D: Devotee
B: Bhagavan (Sri Ramana Maharshi)

The Malayalam version of Ulladu Narpadu (Forty Verses) was read out by a devotee for the benefit of a visitor. After hearing it, the latter asked: 

D: What about the reference to duality during one’s effort and unity at the end?

B.: It refers to people who think one must begin one’s spiritual striving with a dualistic idea. They say that there is God and that one must worship and meditate until ultimately the individual merges into God. Others say that the individual and the Supreme Being always remain separate and never merge.

But let’s not worry now about what happens at the end. All agree that the individual exists now. So let a man discover it – that is discover his Self. There will be time enough afterwards to find out whether the Self is to merge in the Supreme or is a part of it or remains separate. Let us not forestall the conclusion.

Keep an open mind, dive within and find the Self. The truth will dawn upon you all right, so why try to decide beforehand whether it is absolute or qualified unity or duality? There is no meaning in doing so. Your decision would have to be made by logic and intellect, but the intellect derives its light from the Self (the Highest Power) so how can its reflected and partial light envisage the entire and original light? The intellect cannot attain to the Self, so how can it ascertain its nature?

While explaining to an American lady, Bhagavan said:

The Self alone is Real. All else is unreal. The mind and intellect have no existence apart from you. The Bible says: ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Stillness is the only thing needed to realise that ‘I am’ is God.

Later he added:

The whole Vedanta is contained in the two Biblical statements - 

‘I am that I am’ and ‘Be still and know that I am God’.

For one who found Self-enquiry too difficult, he would recommend worship and submission.

Source: Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi in his own words – Arthur Osborne

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