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An Extract from DASBODH by Sri Samarth Ramdas


Though you try to catch it you cannot; I
Though you try to throw it you cannot; I
Everywhere is positively present; I
The 'supreme-divine' II I II 

Here, there, everywhere; I 
It comes before you, even if you turn away; I 
It's presence in front, cannot be escaped; I
In any way II 2 II 

The sitting man went away; I
Only space survived; I 
Sky was seen in all directions; 
Still it faces you II 3 II 

Anywhere, the being runs away; 
There, also sky is surrounding; I 
Forcibly beyond the sky ! I 
How to go ? II 4 II 

Where ever, the man sees; I 
There it is facing him only; 
Present above the head of all;
just like the sun of noon II 5 II 

But it is one and unique; I 
supreme truth' cannot be illustrated; I 
  However, Its comparison with 'Mracle'; 
  Is attempted II 6 II 
Many Pious places and many countries;
  For seeing them, you have to take trouble; 
  This is not so, for seeing 'Divine truth'; I
  You can see 'Divine', from your seat itself II 7 II 
The living Creature, while sitting; I 
  Or mostly while running away; I 
  'Supreme truth' in principle; I 
  Is possible, by your merging with it II 8 II 
The bird flies in the sky; I 
  Sky only surrounds it; I 
  Like wise, 'supreme truth'; I
  Surrounds the living being II 9 II
'Great-divine' is hollow and Dense; 
  'Brahman-ultimate' is the end of the End; I 
  To each unto him 'Brahma' is appropriate; I 
  Always II 10 II 
Within and beyond the visual world; I 
  'Divine' has pervaded, the womb of Universe;
  Oh listener ! that stainless Absolute truth ! I 
  With what can you compare ? II 1 1 II 
At 'Vaikunth' 'Kailas' 'Heaven' abodes; I 
  At 'Indra' or 'Fourteen' abodes; I 
  At the abodes of serpents in the Hell; 
'Absolute Truth' is present there also II 12 II 
  From 'KASHI' to 'RAMESHWAR'; I
  'Divine' has spread, limitless; I
  Going beyond and beyond, no bounds; I
  Apply to that 'Absolute Truth' ll 13 ll 
'Great Truth' is one and unique only; I
  It has once only, covered all; I 
  By touching all, it remained; I
  In the Inner self of all ll 14 ll
'Divine Truth' is not wet by rains; I
  Or it does not get dirty up by mud; I
  Even if stuck in the flood; I
  It does not wash away in flood ll 15 ll
At a time, face to face and back to face; I
  Left and at Right, one at both sides; I
  Down and up, all creatures; I
  It has already covered ll 16 ll
The deep part of sky is full; I
  Never it has overflown; I
  Unimaginable, is it's spread; I
  Here and there all over ll 17 ll
Uniform sky is a void; I
  'There is no appearance of visual; I
  Without any feeling, it is beyond feel; I
  Know it to be 'Divine' ll 18 ll
For Saints, Sadhus, Great experienced men; I
  For Gods, Demons and Humans; I
  'Divine self' is the Rest; I
  The resting abode of all ll 19 ll
Where to go at the end ? I
  Where and what to see ? I
  Whatever unimaginable, to be determined ? I
  By measuring and calling it ? ll 20 ll
Neither macro nor Micro; I
  Not like one another; I
  Without, knowledge-vision; I
  No satisfaction at all II 21 II
With disappearance of 'Individual and Universe once; I
  Thereafter, follows, 'The Truth' beyond any feeling; I
  From here to there, the space; I
  In desolate void form II 22 II
'Divine supreme' is All pervasive ! Truely so; I
  So long as 'Visual' is there, replies correct; I
  But without any activity covering; I
  How to label absolute truth, as all pervading ? II 23 II
Words cannot describe 'Supreme'; I
  Imagination cannot think about 'Supreme'; I
  'Eternal' beyond imagination; I
  Learn to recognise, with help of prudenceII 24 II
Listening to pure essence; I 
  Reflection over, the virgin experience; I
  With actual revelation, beyond mind's compass; I 
  Is the state of mind easily attained II 25 II
Pursuit of truth has bourne the fruits; I 
  stay in the world, became meaningful; I 
  'Brahma', beyond attributes and eternally steady; I
  Fully imbibed within, the seeker II 26 II
Illusory Influencing Power is fully accounted; I
  judgment about the 'Principles of Truth' pronounced; 
  with achievement, the instruments of pursuit; I 
  Disappeared II 27 II
Whatever was seen in 'DREAM'; I 
  All that, disappeared, on the AWAKENING; I 
  Easily and naturally dumb and spell bound reflex; I
  Beyond descriptionII 28 II
Know this with help of prudence; I 
  By experience, inculcate the signs; I
  In the name of 'birth and death'; I
  There will be big zero II 29 II
With 'affection' and 'pride' for devotees' actions; I
  God ShriRam, has showered His blessings; I 
  'Quotes' emanating from Blessings of Almighty; I
  formed this 'DASBODH', great teaching II 30 II
DASBODH comprises of twenty chapters; I 
  When search is taken, by listening; I 
  One pondering over gets clarification; I
  To perceive the 'Truth' II 31 II 
Twenty chapters and two hundred subchapters; I
  The Pursuer, should gradually study; I
  While analysing, and reflecting special features; I
  are understood by him II 32 II
Pray and praise this Treatise; I
  What is the reason for such prayer? I
  The reason is actual self experience; I
  See yourself and experience II 33 II
Your body, is made up of five elements; I
  'Soul' is the Doer, in that body; I
  And, this poetic faculty, attributed to Human being ! I
  On what basis ? II 34 II
All actions are of God Almighty; I
  And to call poetic faculty, as creation of human being
  Talking such unnatural and irrelevant ! I
  Why do you sub scribe to this ? II 35 II
All body attachments are sweeped; I
  The 'bunch of principles' withered away; I
  In such situation, which object ? I
  Should be owned and called our own ? II 36 II
Such are the thoughtful assignments; I
  Do not get disillusioned by guesswork; I
  The ALMIGHTY has chronologically laid down; I
  All things taking place, as per his sequence II 37 II

Source: Dasbodh by Sri Samarth Ramdas

URL: http://www.ramdas.org/d20.htm

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