Saturday, September 5, 2009

Am I following a correct path?

Do not worry weather the path you have selected is correct or not. Do not continuously doubt weather your Guru is a true saint or not. Have faith in God. Keep praying to him. Ask what you want to him. Keep increasing the faith in God. God will show you the correct direction. Even if you are going in wrong direction, God will change your direction and will put you in a path which suits you the most. So the essence is to have trust in God. Keep praying for correct direction, to give more faith, to make me understand spirituality and the goal of life, to teach me how to meditate (do Japa), to increase the surrender. If you pray form your heart, God will definitely listen. If God would not listen to anybody, then the temples would close down – after all we are all calculative and business minded. If God can fulfil our personal worldly wishes, then why cant’s he fulfil our wish to be one with Him, to know him.

Think …

Take a decision.

It is your mind that does not want to practise spirituality and keeps giving excuses. It is the Ego that does not want to surrender

Think again. Can’t you pray in simple words.

If you do not want, you will not surrender and practise spirituality, but don’t say ‘I can’t practise spirituality”.


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Parag5 said...

In the journey towards self-realization each individual has his/her own path. Stick to one path and the Guru you get on that path will guide you. But only praying is not enough one needs to have what is called Inquisitive nature.I mean a real master has answer to every thing that he practices and teaches you , a fake or unsettled master will not be in a position to answer all your answers because he himself doesn't has that clarity. Faith however is needed , one must also understand the difference between trust and
faith. Trust is a measurable aspect while faith is not.Faith can be said as subtler aspect while trust is a grosser aspect. If one travels by air he has the faith (unknowingly) that the pilot will drop them safely at their destination, its the same case with Guru we need to have faith that the Guru will lead us through the path. One must also not fall into the trap of going to many masters and following all the paths simultaneously , because this results into comparison of masters and doubting begins in which one might lose faith in the search of the self.One can attend to more than one master if one has learning attitude not comparison attitude, however one must stick to one path only. trying out different paths is like digging 2-3 feet all over at different places for water , if you dig up 100 feet at one place you'll get water for sure , its the same with paths of spirituality.



I agree that prayer is not enough. But in this article, importance is given to prayer. this article moves around prayer. this does not mean that all other things not mentioned in this article are useless.

These are answers given to a questioner with a particular mindset.

Regarding the technical terms like, trust, faith, i do not know the depth of english words, but prakaran granths like Tatvabodh and Viveka Chudamani give the correct meaning from spiritual standpoint. definition so that some question do not arise, like fake guru, etc, etc.

Hari Aum

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