Thursday, July 23, 2009

How can I get rid off the clatter in my mind?

Question:  How can I get rid off the clatter in my mind?

Swami Ramsukhdasji: When clatter comes your way, don't become happy or sad. These things will come and go. The mantra is "agaamipaayinonitya" recite this within the mind. Have that

feeling, that inner expression that this thing comes and goes, it is unreal (it is changing). However good or bad the situation may be, but the minute that situation comes up, immediately recite within, this is "agaamipaayinonitya". It's nature is to come and go, it is

unreal, constantly changing. This is the truth, because neither favorable nor unfavorable situations will remain. Simply understand, that this will not stay with us. This is not a new thing. So what is there to be happy or sad with the situation?

In getting something that you like or not getting it, what is there to become happy or sad? Best of best situations come your way, then that too will not remain, but you will always remain! Right in front of you, both favorable and unfavorable situations come and go, but you remain. You are that same one. Simply keep your sight on your Self.

All that comes and goes do not blend with it - this itself is liberation. By blending with it - that itself is bondage. All the clatter, the noise that comes and goes, by becoming entangled with it is bondage, and not getting entangled with it is liberation.

What an easy, straight-forward, simple point this is!

- Swami Ramsukhdasji

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