Thursday, July 23, 2009

How can we become more deserving of God’s grace?

Question:  How can we become more deserving of God’s grace? 

Swamiji:  The main point is that if by our abilities we can attain God, than in His attainment, we have to have abilities greater than Him. This is not possible. All that a child can do is cry to gain his mother's attention. He cannot become deserving of her love. Therefore, why to ask about becoming deserving? Why not simply ask for God? Why go around about way that is a longer path? Why not go straight to the source?

A crucial point is, do not pay attention to yourself. Only pay attention towards God. The minute you look towards yourself, you will fall. The true and greatest devotees’ attention is only on God. "Hari bina rahyo re ne jai." He cannot live without God. Therefore remember Him at all times and become intensely agitated when you forget Him.

- Swami Ramsukhdasji

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