Saturday, April 6, 2013

[Understanding Advaita] - New Changes


After uploading the content online, I have done many changes to the site to all the pages. Improvement is an ongoing process and I will update the content as and when time permits.

I have added info about Advaita Vedanta in 'Understanding Advaita' page, added and corrected some more info to 'Dispelling Doubts' and added more reference to 'Advaita in Shastras'

I have also added a few references in 'Advaita in Shastra' and 'References and Sources' Page.

If you wish to track changes, you can visit 'Recent site activity'

Please visit Understanding Advaita for more details.

Still the site is not error free. If you find some inconsistencies or typos, please let me know.

Alternatively, I ma trying to add 'Subscribe to RSS feeds', but my lack of technical knowledge is making things difficult.



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