Wednesday, October 5, 2011

URGENT - Protesting Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on 06 OCT (Thurs)

Namaste, dear supporters of Hinduism.

The Melbourne Festival organisers and the Back to Back Theatre are continuing with the play 'Ganesh Versus the Third Reich', which has denigration of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Our volunteers have observed denigrations in the play as follows :

  1. Lord Ganesh is shown captured by the Nazis and is shown a knife
  2. Lord Ganesh is trivialised as He is shown talking about His relationship where He ate and drank wine
  3. He is compared with fictitious comic characters such as 'Spiderman' and 'King Kong'
  4. The character within the play (Brian) who plays Lord Ganesh, frequently takes off the Ganesh mask and utters obscenities like suck my d**k
  5. The play has an obscene innuendo surrounding Lord Ganesh, wherein one character asks another, whether the length of Lord Ganesh's trunk is long enough, and the audience laughs
  6. A man with board shorts, no shirt and a garland plays Lord Vishnu in the play
  7. Lord Shiva is portrayed in poor taste and there is a scene where he plucks a human being into two

Forum for Hindu Awakening strongly believes that the very theme of this play is flawed, as it denigrates Hindu Deities by humanising them. The play uses descriptions of Hindu Deities that are contrary to those in Hindu Scriptures.

Hence, Forum for Hindu Awakening has urged the play's organisers to cancel the play immediately. In the event of non-cancellation of the play, Hindus will stage protests in front of the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne from 6 Oct 2011 (Vijayadashami). We appeal to supporters of Hinduism to continue their peaceful protests against this play and to join us at the Malthouse Theatre for the protest. For details about the protest demonstration, please write to us at

Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha !
Kind regards,

Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening

Source: Email from Shri Gauravbhai, Member of Forum for Hindu Awakening.

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