Thursday, October 6, 2011

Change in the format of posts received by Email Subscription

Recently, I have made some change in the way posts are delivered through Feedburner email subscriptions.

  1. I have changed the default  email ID from to Incase you have setup a filter, kindly change it accordingly.
  2. Change in title of subject. Earlier, the subject of email consisted of only one word 'INDIASPIRITUALITY'. I found this less informative, hence, I changed it. New subject contains title of newest / latest post. Incase, just more than one post is published, subject line gets modified to title of latest post plus m more. 'm' is the number of post(s) excluding the one post, whose title is displayed in the subject line.

Recently, there was a mass email titled 'URGENT - Protesting Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on 06 OCT (Thurs)'.

It was repeated again the next day. I have configured feedburner to deliver post(s) in a single email on the next day, the post(s) are published.This was not a spam, and was done by me. First one was send one urgent basis, as a mass mail to all subscribers. Email received next day was a regular copy of post published on the blog.

I request you to kindly add both the email id's to safe list and add to contact to ensure that email lands in your inbox or in the filter.

In case you have subscribed and did not get this post in your inbox, then, probably it has landed in spam. This may have happened due to the fact that I mass emailed to all the subscribers. Email also bounced from some id's. Please take necessary action.

We are sorry for the Inconvenience caused to you.

Hope you benefit from INDIASPIRITUALITY. 



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