Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is Death?

Question:  What is Death?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  Me and mine is death. Otherwise there is no death. I die if God dies. Till you are in the body there is death. By assumption of anything as mine, there is only loss. Nothing was yours, nothing is yours, nothing can be yours. Acceptance of mine is the mistake, the consequence of which is life and death. If you feel that the above is correct, accept it. No one is mine.

Question:  Just like one's time of death is inevitable, similarly the pain that one experiences at time of death is that also inevitable ?

Swamiji:  No! Each and everyone are experiencing the fruits of their good and evil actions. If someone has to undergo the consequences of past actions, then they will experience more difficulty at time of death. But sorrow only comes to he who within has desire for any particular thing.

Question:  Those who are holy and doing good only, they are deeply engaged in spiritual practices and worship of God, if they undergo suffering at time of death, then what is the reason?

Swamiji:  God desires to wipe out the sins of all their past birth's and make them entirely pure, so that they are benefited and attain salvation.

Question:  It has been said that at time of death the pain and difficulties experienced are as intense, almost as if thousands of scorpions are biting, but saints have spoken that death is not what is painful, it is the desire to live that results in the pain. In reality, what is correct?

Swamiji:  Just like from child to youth and from youth to old age, one experiences no difficulty.  Similarly at time of death in reality there is no difficulty. Only the one who desires to continue to live experiences difficulty. The point is that he who is attached to the body, only he has the sensation and difficulty like that of thousands of scorpions biting. The greater the attachment, proprietary feeling (mine-ness), desire, liking that one has for the body, that much more pain and difficulty one will experience at time of death.

Source: pg 92 "Prashnouttermanimala"  by Swami Ramsukhdasji


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