Sunday, June 27, 2010

What is Love?

Love is a feeling. When you see a flower you get a feeling within. When a bee sees a beautiful flower it also has a feeling within. This feeling is created within a person, in his heart or mind. When looking at an external object, looking at a friend, hearing a very beautiful sound or a devotional song, feelings of love, joy, completeness, or satisfaction are created. But it is dependent. You hear beautiful music and you feel love and joy, but real love is to perceive divinity within, independent of any external factor. That love which is called devotion or pure love is only experienced through channeling or directing your emotion toward God. Emotion that is transformed in God consciousness becomes devotion. Love which you feel seeing your wife or husband, your children or friend, becomes more physical and worldly, but it can become more spiritual when you feel the power of God in a person. In your little baby you see the power of God, how the power of God is breathing. You observe the breath of your child as well as your own breath. You feel oneness - we are breathing same air, and the same power of God that is in me is in my child. That love brings more devotion, more gratefulness to God. This is pure love. Through worldly love or love of your relations, you can develop spiritually. This is what love is. Jesus said, "God is love." When you have love, you forget everything and you are merged in God consciousness.

Source: page 129, The Divine Quest - Paramhansa Hariharananda

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