Sunday, June 27, 2010

How do I develop love in my daily life?

First Love your breath. Where there is love there is attraction to love, closeness to love. When I say, "Love your breath," I mean be attracted to breath, be closer to it, go to the source of your breath. Why do I emphasize on breath? In the Bible (John 4:24), it says, "God is Spirit, and His worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth." The worshipper of God should worship Him in Spirit, and spirit means breath. God is breath and the worshipper of God should worship in breath. In the Taittitiya Upanishad (1:1), it says:

namo brahmane namaste vayo tvameva pratyaksham brahmasi

"O Brahman, I bow to you, you are breath, you are directly perceived Brahman."

The yogic scriptures say:

pranohi bhagavan isha prana vishnu pitamahah

pranena dharayate lokam sarvam pranamayam jagat

"Breath is Brahma, the creator of life, breath is Vishnu, the sustainer of life, breath is Maheshwara, the form of death."

With breath you are born and with breath you will die. With breath you live; breath is God. If you love your breath that means you watch it, you see Who is inhaling from within, and you understand that if thee is no breath there is no life, there is no nothing for you. Even the body which you love so much you cannot claim, you cannot hold, if there is no breath. If there is no breath there is no body and you have no world you have no mind, you have no ego; you have nothing. All play in the world, all attachment, all relationships are possible because of breath. If you really love your breath, pay attention to it and you will realize how beautiful breath is in every living being. Even plants breathe. Life manifests through breath so your love will be greater.

I also tell whose who practice Kriya Yoga that love flourishes and the bond between friends becomes stronger. Mutual understanding is enhanced through the practice of Kriya Yoga. Kriya brings real love from within. The definition of divine love given by sage Shandhilya is sa paranuraktih ishware: "Real love is when you are constantly united with God." Kriya Yoga teaches that love.

Source: page 129-130, The Divine Quest - Paramhansa Hariharananda

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a beautiful message. Thank you for sharing these loving messages.


Thank you. You are welcome.


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