Friday, May 21, 2010


Who is the one that is giving the inspiration?,

Who gives your answers?

Who has given the quality of love to mother and father?

Who is the one nearest to you?

The answer is God.

Then where is God?

God is inside us.

You know that - this is Sun. The Sun is outside, but the knowledge that - this is sun - is inside us.

All the knowledge we have is due to your awareness or consciousness. There are many people dying each second, but do we feel sorrow? Many children are born each second. Do we feel Joy? No.

So things that happen in front of us or to the ones we are attached, does make an impact on us. While sleeping, thieves rob our house, but we are not affected at that time, since our consciousness is in dream state.

Awareness or consciousness is all that matters and that consciousness is not this body but the God within us.




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