Friday, February 12, 2010

Need Your Help


Dear Friends, one of a spiritual seeker, Shri Ashokbhai is searching Swami Tadrupanand ji's commentary on Bhagawat Gita. He is interested the Gita Chanting in Gujarati with English Translation and discourse of all 18 chapters of Bhagawat Gita in Gujarati or English.

Please find his *email request:

"I am looking for the recitals of Gita that Swami Tadrupanand Saraswati (all 18 chapters) had in  Lauduim, Pretoria, South Africa or anywhere in the world. These session was held in 1985.

Do you know where I may purchase a copy of his recital of Gita that he had and was recorded on dvd/cd/mp3 format regardless of English or Gujarati. The recordings does not have to be in India, they may beheld in any country. Even if a specific individual has them I an willing to purchase a copy of them.

I am also looking for a complete dvd set if possible."

Unfortunately, Manan Ashram, associated with Swamiji, many times does not keep a master copy with them and the recordings are generally exhausted.

If anybody has the discourse of Gita, please contact him.

Ashokbhai Morar lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Email id:


Please replace [AT] by @

Hari Aum


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