Monday, February 15, 2010

Download Bhagawat Gita in mp3




Earlier, I had given external link of all 18 adhyaya of Bhagawat Gita. This external link had a loud but low quality voice. I have edited the original file, removed the hiss, normalized Volume and compressed into normal quality mp3 with average 128 kbps (VBR). I managed to reduce the file size (in mp3) of entire Gita from 212 Mb to 120 Mb, without losing the quality through VBR bit rate. (Old link contained the total file size of 109 Mb compressed at 64 kbps). I use Neo Audio to convert wav to mp3. If the above link is not working, just google 'Neo Audio'.


This is a very good chanting in a single male voice.


As times passes, the quality degenerates. In a humble attempt to retrieve this chanting, I have uploaded it for the good of all.


I hope this Gita Chanting will fill you divinity.


Click here to go to the download page.


PS. If you find any broken link, or the download is not working, please email us.

Note: Since this chanting is already available, I thought why not upload the better quality. If anyone has objection to this upload, please email me at indiaspirituality[AT] I will remove the link as fast as possible. These files are not searchable through Google or any search engine.

Hari Aum



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort, but unfortunately the link isn't working.


Thank you for info.

Looks like my free account is closed. Alternatively, The original link is also not working. Looks like website has been changed. I will try to find a solution. I will post it incase I manage to upload it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks.The link works . Download successful.

Anonymous said...

Unable to download Bhagavad Gita chanting. need your help.

Indiaspirituality Amrut said...


Yes the link is not working. I am searching for other alternate way to upload. Ther ewa MP3 on astrojyoti but I could not find an mp3 link.

I will try to upload it ans post it. Maybe Chinmaya mission is strict for copyright issues.

Hari OM

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work!

Indiaspirituality Amrut said...

Yes. The link is not working. I do not know if any free online services. If you are aware of one, please let me know.

I will search for alternative.

Hari OM

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