Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will my mind calm down?

Disciple: I had never realized that I had such a disobedient mind, it is worse than a mad monkey. Will also my mind calm down?

Prajnananandaji: The mind is mischievous. As soon as you try to discipline your mind, the mind start a non-cooperating movement to maintain its independence.

At the beginning a conscious person also has to recognize his weaknesses and negativities. Transformation is in itself progress. Knowing one’s weakness is strength. If thoughts come, just watch them and let go instead of trying them to control. Try to change their quality*

*changing quality means convincing the mind that meditating and chanting God’s name is the best thing to do. Bring more Sattvik thoughts, thoughts which are about the glories of God, Atman, etc.

Source: Extracted from ‘Lineage of Kriya Yoga Masters’ by Paramhansa Prajanananda, pg 131

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