Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is the Purpose of mind?

What is the purpose of mind?

Mind is in between body and soul. Mind wants constant happiness, but does not know how to reach it. Mind wants love but does not know where to find it. The real purpose of mind is to know who we are, but the mind itself with its desires and restlessness is itself an obstacle to perceive the soul. Mind takes the support of the body to fulfil its desires, and goes on reminding that we are the body and that we should enjoy world making it difficult to allow us perceive the truth of soul and not the body.

The goal of life and the purpose of mind is to to perceive and experience we are the Soul, Atman or Brahman.


Source: Extracted and edited from: ‘Lineage of Kriya Yoga Masters’ by Paramhansa Prajnanananda, pg 164

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