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Nirgunache Bheti – Biography of Sri Nisargadattaji Maharaj.


Sri Nisargadattaji Maharaj (or Maharaj) (1897 –1981) was a famous Marathi Saint following Advaita Tradition. His core teachings are given in the Book, which is a collection of his teachings, “I am That”. This is an old philosophy, practised since time immemorial by Indian Saints including some very famous saints like Sri Adi Shankaracharya and Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Saints teach what they have practised (i.e. preach) and help others to Swim the ocean of Maya and Realise their True SELF. In order to understand teachings of a Saint in a better way, a biography / Autobiography of the saint focusing more of his spiritual practices during his Sadhana days i.e. when he was a student following Advaita Vedanta is very very helpful.

Under the influence of Maharaj’s teachings and his divine grace, the disciples have diligently worked to frame his life and his teachings in a Non-commercial movie in Marathi language titled “Nirgunache Bheti” which means “An encounter with the Attribuless Brahman” or simply “Meeting Attributeless Brahman”. An english version titled “Tatvamasi”, with subtitles for easy reference is also being developed.

The intention of this movie is to make the people aware of Maharaj and let his message reach the right souls, those inclined and interested in advaita. This movie, I feel, will be highly influential and helpful for those who are interested in discovering the Deeper Meaning of Life.

The film is released on 28th August on the occasion of Sri Nisargadatta's Punyatithee (Samadhi Day) through a web portal

Some more details about the film:

1. Few important events of his life in chronological order. (Life of a saint is teaching itself).

2. Interviews with his Close disciples, who were able to get essence of his teachings.

3. Very rare 20 minute live archival footage of talks with Nisargadatta in early/mid 70's not seen by the world so far.

4. Some rare audio discourses including Bhajans sung by Sri Maharaj.

Natural scenery along with soul soothing background music also plays an important part in the film.

To make frame an entire life and teachings of a great saint in just 99 minutes is indeed a daunting task and needs many brain storming sessions to collect, read, understand & digest thousands of teachings, quotations, events in his life from thousands of devotees and then filter them & organize them in a sequence.

Such a task can only be accomplished by the Grace of God. Blessed are those who spread the words of Vedanta. My Namaste to all those who are involved in the film making directly or indirectly and wish from the bottom of my heart, a grand success to great effort, an effort to express the inexpressible…

Here is a glimpse of this film (7 minute promo uploaded at You Tube)

English Version: Tatvamasi – You are That (Movie time: 87 minutes)



2. Marathi Version: Nirgunache Bheti (Movie time: 99 minutes)


Direct links

English Version:

Marathi Version:

To know more about his Sadhana days and his philosophy please click here.

Nisargadatta Quotes

Info Courtesy of Shri Nitinbhai – Devotee / Disciple of Sri Maharaj.


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