Thursday, April 30, 2009

How does one develop devotion (Bhakti)?

Question:  How does one develop devotion (Bhakti)?

Swamiji:  By associating with devotees of Bhagwaan (God), by listening to the glories of God from them, by reading the life stories of devotees, and by praying to Bhagwaan, one can develop devotion.  Also by the immense grace of Bhagwaan and His devotees, devotion can be attained - 

Mukhyatatsu mahatkrupayyaiva bhagvatkrupaaleshaadvaa."  (Narada Bhakti 38)

Mainly devotion comes from the grace of great devotees of God, or even by the slightest fraction of God's infinite grace. 

Bhagati taat anupam sukhmoolaa.  Milayi jo sant hoyi anukuoola (Manas, Aranya. 15:2) And that which melts my heart quickly, dear brother, is devotion, which is the delight of my devotees.  Unlike Jnana and Vijnana, devotion stands by itself and requires no other prop.  Devotion, dear brother, is incomparable and the very root of bliss; it can be acquired only by the favor of God and His devotees.

by Swami Ramsukhdasji


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