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Quotes by Paramhansa Hariharananda - New

1. While eating food try to feel the power of God in every taste of the food.

2. Eat food in such a way that your body will be free from diseases.
3. Do not take too much food out of greed.
4. Eating too much, not eating, and fasting too much are obstacles for meditation.
5. You should utilize money for noble purposes.
6. Married or not married - no matter. If your mind is pure then you will attain God-realization.
7. Passion, anger, greed, vanity, self-arrogance, pride, suspicion, and 
ego also give some inspiration and evolution.
8. Lahiri Baba was married. He attained everything - God realization. Make Lahiri Baba your ideal.
9. Many people absorbed in the external world forget the soul and spend 
their precious lives unnecessarily without earning their divine 
10. If you remain focused on the soul you will perceive the thoughtless stage.
11. Reading spiritual books, hearing so many discourses, seeing so many 
monks and chanting many verses of the scriptures cannot give you 
spirituality and Self-realization. It only helps to show the way of 
12. Meditation is to go beyond all thoughts.
13. For Self-realization you require the help of a realized soul and by 
his help you can perceive that you are the living power of God.
14. Be very careful about the heart center.
15. Scrutinizingly observe the waves in the heart.
16. Make your heart pure and perfect.
17. Do not remain blind like an animal. Open your third eye and always 
perceive that you are the immortal soul.
18. A spiritual person should have thorough control over the heart propensities.
19. Due to your ignorance you are constantly merged in illusion, delusion, 
and error, and you do not feel that the Creator is abiding in the 
entire creation.
20. A spiritual person's heart is full of divine love.
21. If you lead a life of work and you feel that this work is worship and 
that the material world is the living presence of God, then you will 
get liberation.
22. Purify the heart through deep meditation.
23. If you only love and follow the master, then you can overcome the troubles and difficulties of life and you can reach your goal nicely.
24. Religious activity is religious play. People are busy with religious play constantly. But spirituality is free from religious play, dogmatic views, fanatical ideas, and misunderstandings.
25. Remain focused on the soul and be spiritual.
26. Be ever vigilant so that no negativity can enter inside you.
27. Perceive all matter as the living soul and enjoy all matter as the 
living soul. Then your knowledge and consciousness will always remain 
in cosmic consciousness.
28. Your food, dress, clothing, shelter, respect, name and fame, wealth, 
wife, husband, son, daughter, prosperity, happiness, unhappiness - 
whatever you are getting is ordained and given by God.
29. Meditate daily, regularly, and sincerely. Self-realization is in your hand.
30. If you perceive the constant presence of the soul in your life, then 
you will get transformation.
31. Meditate and enjoy the blessings of God and gurus.
32. Self-knowledge (wisdom) is beyond perception of the senses - it can be achieved through deep meditation only.
33. If one scrutinizingly observes everything, then he will perceive that 
everything is the play of the soul.
34. Heredity, environment, and culture are necessary for quick spiritual evolution.
35. Breath is your life. Through the breath you will have restlessness or calmness. Watch your breath - then you will have calmness.
36. The soul is beyond the five gross elements. Soul is the controller and conductor of everything.
37. Accept the guru as your eternal guide.
38. Soul consciousness reduces body consciousness.
39. Come to the guru with the attitude to learn.
40. Work is a living manifestation of the soul.
41. Calmly seek and search your soul in every thought and disposition - be it good or bad - because everything comes from the soul.
42. Scrutinizingly observe. If bad or negative thoughts come, return them back to God.
43. If there is no God consciousness in human life, then one will seek 
only mortality, not immortality.
44. Watch one in all; then you are realized. If you see many, then it is your spiritual death..
45. Always pray to God. Always meditate on Him through every activity, then you will attain liberation.
46. As you need, so you get.
47. Try to follow the guru through and through.
48. Night and day are passing like the rotation of the wheels of the car. You should see your spiritual progress.
49. Every day you should ask your conscience whether you are spiritual or not, whether your time is passing in soul consciousness or not.
50. Every day you should ask your conscience whether you are spiritual or not, whether your time is passing in soul consciousness or not.
51. Always feel the futility of everything, then you will utilize every moment in God.
52. Surrender to Him; you will attain peace and love in a moment's time.
53. Although He is formless, God said He made us in His image. We live as form, but the body has a formless counterpart. Behind this visible body there is the presence of the invisible soul.
54. The form of this body is with us to make this creation more beautiful and divine. The body is with us for our evolution.
55. The form of this body is with us to make this creation more beautiful and divine. The body is with us for our evolution.
56. If we practice breathing slow, long and deep, then life will be more active and peaceful. Those who breathe fast live short lives.
57. When the breath is calm, as when you are only listening, your mind is calm. Transformation of your breath is the easiest way to calm your mind and life.
58. Without atmosphere, air, there is no creation. As breath is life, to love breath is to love all the living creation.
59. God made cows and animals with their spines parallel to the ground. They have no rationality. Your spine is vertical, which enables you to evolve and grow faster.
60. Only human beings can change their evil ways, their ups and downs, pitfalls, shortcomings, anger, pride - all their bad qualities. Then they can experience their own divine nature.
61. When breath flows through the right nostril, the body, mind, and brain power are all active and when it flows through the left, usually the mind is less active and dull.
62. God, or Self, cannot be known through the senses. We are always engrossed in the material world with our five sense organs and we are forgetting Him.
63. Who is allowing you to think? It is the light of consciousness that illumines the mind. It cannot be thought of by the mind because it rules the mind. Because of this light, the mind is able to function.
64. Self, the internal illuminator, alone is Brahman.
65. God is everywhere. The presence of God is in the eyes as well as in the object seen. Seer and seen are God.
66. Every religion teaches how to achieve calmness, the ultimate goal of all religions. This calm is possible when one is completely united with God.
67. How is one to be calm? Only by practicing the technique. If you do not apply a technique like Kriya Yoga or practice it, then you cannot get calmness.
68. Calmness and completeness are one and the same thing. If you are experiencing incompleteness, then you cannot be calm.
69. Incompleteness breeds restlessness, while completeness is inner fulfillment. It is to be experienced through deep meditation.
70. When you are free from thinking of ordinary things, your mind will be absorbed in God, in the formless state of divinity.
71. Heart is the place of emotion, ego, and attachment. You have to rise above all the propensities of the heart. Clean it thoroughly, surrendering it to God through regular prayer and meditation, and through sincere and steadfast effort.
72. Who am I? From where did I come? Who is my father? Who is my mother? Ask yourself these questions again and again to find the truth. You will see that this world is transitory, like a dream.
73. The reality is within. A true seeker is one who is seeking to find the reality and truth from within. Such sincere seekers are rare.
74. People try to search for happiness in sensory objects. When one is so engrossed in the world, it leaves no time for self-inquiry.
75. Breath is constantly flowing and uniting with the soul within. Just through the breath you can move inwardly to the divine presence of the soul.
76. Spiritual practice should be followed constantly over a long period. In modern times, people are either lazy or unnecessarily busy.
77. Simple living brings plenty of time at one's disposal, which can be used for self-transformation.
78. Sometimes you may meditate for a few days or for a few months, and then you think you know everything, or you are frustrated about your progress and you quit. To get real success, you must pursue your efforts continuously.
79. Devote yourself sincerely to spiritual practice. You must enter into the inner life.
80. God is constantly abiding within. Search for Him.
81. Anything that comes in life is an opportunity. God is constantly giving you the opportunity to know thyself.
82. When the mango is ripe you do not need to announce it; one can tell by its smell and its color, and it separates from the tree. Be ripe in your thoughts and emotions. Grow inwardly in love and devotion.
83. A person who perceives that God is abiding in every human being, in everything, becomes humble.
84. When you go to the gas station to get fuel it takes only a few minutes to fill the tank, and the fuel keeps the car running for quite some time. Meditation should be practiced in that manner.
85. Meditation has two aspects: one with eyes closed, experiencing the endless ocean of calm and peace, and the other with eyes open, to feel that calm everywhere.
86. You recharge your body and mind in prayer and meditation. All of your actions in this world should be done with that inner consciousness.
87. Meditating for a short period is like getting fuel to keep the body and mind functioning throughout the day, through good and bad, pleasure and pain.
88. You should introspect to find your own faults and correct them. Inquire within. Where are you? Are you in soul consciousness, or have you deviated from that?
89. In every activity, seek God and thank God. Constant remembrance will make you free from negative emotions. Your emotions will be turned into devotion.
90. Cultivate purity and love in every breath.
91. Watch. Remain always on top, with higher awareness.
92. Always watch the guru who resides within, and who is constantly guiding and inspiring you.
93. If you remain alert, you will get constant liberation. Continuous consciousness is the state of constant liberation.
94. Fix your attention in the pituitary or in the fontanel, from where the power of God is pulling breath. Be the silent witness of the breath of God.
95. Do not waste your time with trivial matters. Be sincere and serious in your practice, practice with love, and find inner transformation.
96. Evolution is the symbol of life, and there is visible evolution in the external world. There should also be inner evolution in every human being, from animality to rationality, and then to divinity.
97. How will you learn about inner divinity? Through the proper environment of family, friends, teacher, and even good surroundings.
98. In a worldly life, as well as in spiritual life, you need a proper teacher, a proper guide.
99. Whatever bad habits you have in your life are the result of bad company, and you have to overcome them with a good environment.
100. We have come from God, Who is all bliss. We have all originated from that bliss. We are born in joy.
101. Having been born from bliss, we are also evolving with it. We move towards it and we merge into it.
102. It is the power of God that is working through you. Kriya Yoga teaches you to remember the soul in every activity.
103. Inner culture is essential. It is the path of soul culture. Discipline your life. Bring more love and devotion into your heart.
104. Be regular in your practice. Moderation is essential. Study a little, but meditate more.
105. Be constantly alert that you are the power of God. You are always free.
106. Life is to grow in knowledge, love, and perfection. Be perfect through sincere effort. Rest not until you attain that state of perfection.
107. On Christmas day, with the deepest love for Jesus, I say he is the Son of God and that he is immortal. Jesus has given many instructions for God-realization. Calmly sit and seek Him.
108. If your mind remains below, in the lower centers of delusion, illusion, and error, then you will get bondage, and if you come above, to the higher centers, you will get liberation. You have to work and struggle for this.
109. Follow the instructions of authentic scriptures like the Bible, Torah, Quran, Vedas, Upanishads, Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, and Brahmasutra. Truth will lead you to your goal.
110. Any holy book that gives you spiritual motivation is good, but one should not develop ego or pride with one's knowledge of the scriptures. Theoretical knowledge is not enough in daily life. Practical experience is essential.
111. Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, love flourishes.
112. With purity and love, your body can become a divine kingdom.
113. Your body is a little universe, and God is residing in that little universe. Search for that power of God. He dwells within you.
114. With your own inner change, you can change your attitude for the entire world.
115. Very few, either by the virtue of their own good deeds or through the grace of the realized masters, can find the source of peace, love, and happiness within.
116. One who knows the all-pervasive Self as his own self by experiencing it is different from one without direct experience. People usually only talk about it without having any personal experience, but one who has direct experience does not talk much.
117. This world is a playground. The purpose of the play is divine bliss.
118. Be in the world. Those whom you see are not different from you. We all are one, but playing different parts. Do not forget that it is just a play.

Source: "Nector Drops" by Paramhansa Hariharananda
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