Friday, June 13, 2008

Online Gujarati Transliteration

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Gujarati Type Pad by Vishal Monpara is developed for online transliteration.

Languages available for transliteraion through itrans scheme are:

Bengali Type Pad
Gujarati Type Pad
Hindi Type Pad
Kannada Type Pad
Malayalam Type Pad
Punjabi Type Pad
Telugu Type Pad
Tamil Type Pad

The bottom image is just for reference of English key combination and its relevant gujarati letter. You cannot click on the image. Now suppose you want to type "ગુજરાતી", they you have to type "gujaraatI". Here small letter and capital makes difference so make sure that "Caps Lock" key is off. when you type "g" it will type half letter "ગ્" and when you type "u", it will complete the letter "ગુ". If you want to type "બ્લોગ", you type "bloga".

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