Saturday, June 14, 2008

Difference between a monk and house holder saint - A Personal Interpretation

Some people after realizing their true nature prefer to work from behind the curtain. I have heard in a discourse, that even beggars can be realized. We do not notice them. Forget that somebody will bend in front of them.

Society has an allergy to the word 'Guru". Nobody wants to be a disciple but they are ready to offer their suggestions (for free :) acting like a guru).
The most difficult thing is to begin. Initially a toddler in spirituality neither has any faith in the guru, nor in the system which guru is following. Nor does he have much faith in God.

So some saints stay in disguised and behave like common man. They do business (and of course tell lie), does not always fulfill their promises, attend social functions, etc. Their objective is to initiate common man (according to the divine plan) into spirituality. For them the business e.g. cigarette vendor, insurance agent, a broker, etc is just a medium to be in contact with seeker of truth. They prefer to interact like friends and offer their teachings as just a suggestion.

While in case of a monk, who has renounced the world, he is a role model, so he is expected to behave in a certain way. As majority of the people are 'copy cats', for them outward actions and purity matters the most than inner purity.

Also people experience a wall (a distance) between him and the saint, the moment they see a person wearing a saffron cloth, which is symbol of renunciation.

It is not a case with householder saints. You feel free to talk to them.


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