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Quotes by Paramhamsa Hariharananda

1. Constant alertness of the inner Self will give you a quick spiritual evolution.
2. Constant alertness of the inner Self will give you peace, bliss, and joy.
3. It is the best policy to remain silent. Silence is golden.
4. Married or celibate, purity is necessary.
5. Where your emotions end and your God perception starts, meditation begins. Leave emotion and be motionless.
6. Calmness and peace are your sleeping pillow.
7. Sadhana is religion in practice.

Surrender & Devotion:

8. Humbly pray, "O Lord, kindly give me an extreme desire for God-realization, and the whole day and night I will search for Thee. I will feel Thee. O Lord, give me extreme desire.
9. As sugar merges in tea and becomes one with it, similarly, when your individual consciousness merges with cosmic consciousness, you become one with the Divine.
10. Constantly remember God before, during, and while performing all actions.
11. Remain always indebted to God.
12. Bow to God and be God.
13. Love Him, then God will love you extremely.
14. God loves you. Love God.
15. Love is sweet. Love is God. Without God, there is no Love.
16. Love God, no matter, you will get everything.
17. Love requires patience. Love gives oneness. Love is kind.
18. Love bears. Love tolerates. Love is not resentful.
19. To bow means to offer oneself with love to the Supreme Almighty Lord
20. God is within and around you. Remember and realize this.
21. Waste time with none but God, then time will not be wasted.
22. As long as you have not cleansed your heart from all impurities, you cannot love.
23. In each thought, in each word, and in each action feel the presence of God.
24. Living in the presence of God means one constantly perceives the power of God in every breath and one loves Him and thanks Him.
25. Be a practical person in spiritual life. Let your every action be an offering.


26. The Self cannot be realized by penance or good work. It is neither revealed by the Vedas, intellect, or learning. It is realized through sincere meditation.
27. Theory will take a devotee outside, while practice will take one inside.
28. Not by talk, but by technique, you are to get success.
29. Those who really want to change themselves can, through prayer and meditation.
30. Study a little, but meditate more.
31. God loves a pure heart. Clean it with love, prayer and meditation.
32. Meditate and be divine.
33. If you really want to meditate, then you are to go beyond your mind, thought, intellect, ego, body consciousness, and worldly consciousness.
34. Emotion is not meditation. When emotion is finished and one is motionless, then one will be able to meditate.
35. Perceive the ultimate Truth. Be calm and be divine.
36. In life you have to peel back the illusion to see God in everything.
37. Constantly watch the source from which all things are coming. Then you will see that thoughts are coming from God.
38. Constantly fix your attention in the fontanel and watch God. It is from this place that He is doing everything through you.
39. Fix your attention on the soul with love.
40. All thoughts come from God. If you remain only in God, human thoughts will not arise.
41. Anchor your body-boat in the fontanel and you will never drift in the worldly ocean.
42. We live because God exists. We exist in God's being. We breathe and move in Him
43. Do your work, but let your mind be on the soul. This is Kriya.
44. Death holds no pain for those who in this lifetime have attained the state of conscious separation of the Self from the body.
45. In the milk you cannot see the cream. Through a technique you are to separate the cream from the milk. Similarly, through the technique of meditation, you can perceive the formless, the invisible soul, in the body form.
46. By annihilating the ego, we reach true universality, a fuller life and life eternal.
47. Shun all negative qualities and be merged in the soul.
48. If you watch your soul in your every thought, word and deed, then you are immortal. All your worldly diseases will disappear.
49. If you can keep Him constantly in your mind, if you can feel always that He is the sole doer in you, then all the worldly diseases will disappear and you will get eternal bliss.
50. Watch the presence of God in you and be divine.
51. If you want to meditate you must shun ego identification and yield to the teachings of a master. Accept a spiritual teacher and maintain faith and loyalty to him or her.
52. Rise from your body sense and worldly sense and reach the divine goal of Self realization.
53. Watch Him in all your activities.
54. Be perfect through sincere effort. Rest not until you attain that state of perfection.
55. Jesus did not attend a university, and neither did Moses, nor Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. They went inside themselves. If you want to be highly realized, you have to practice sincerely.
56. Always be aware of your goal. Do not allow forgetfulness. Be still and know that you are God.
57. Discipline your life. Bring more love and devotion into your heart.
58. Your success, as well as your failure, is in your hands. Make the best use of your time and life.
59. Be sincere and serious in your practice; practice with love, and find inner transformation.
60. Seek your indwelling Self. Study your indwelling Self.
61. Through meditation you can go beyond your body consciousness.
62. One who knows Brahman, becomes Brahman, for It is unknowable by finite intellect.
63. If you take an apple and find it bad, then you should not eat it. You will have to taste it to know whether it is good or bad.
64. Avoiding unnecessary God-less chatter, one will obtain immeasurable mental, intellectual, and spiritual energy.
65. Bliss is our inheritance. To explore it and to be in it, you need sincere practice.
66. To realize God one need not go to the forest, the Himalayas or to holy pilgrimage places, one must rather dive within.
67. We are eating the skin of a banana, but we are throwing the banana away.
68. Ignorance is within every human being. So one is to remove ignorance with the light of cosmic consciousness.
69. The soul is the sole doer in the body. The soul is your living power of God. The soul is the main switch in your body house. Constantly watch the real Doer in you.
70. Matter, life, mind and everything beyond are all mere modifications of Brahman playing in the world as sat-cit-ananda.
71. Know that He is within you, and then transformation becomes possible.
72. Once you lose your ego and cease to identify yourself with your actions, your actions cease to bind you.
73. Illumination is the real body of the soul. That light and illumination can be perceived through deep meditation.
74. Procrastination and laziness are obstacles in the journey to realization.
75. The unripe mango is green and sour. Gradually it ripens and the greenness and sourness disappear, and the mango becomes orange and sweet. Similarly, search your conscience to determine whether your dishonesty, insincerity, frustration, anger, pride, cruelty, etc., have been transformed into love.
76. Always remember and feel that everything is given to you for a short time.
77. If you want to have spiritual advancement, then you are to bring change into your life.
78. Watch who is taking breath in you. In His absence, you have no existence.
79. If you really want to correct and change yourself, you must have implicit faith, love, and loyalty for your teacher.
80. God is giving you constant blows for your correction. But you are not perceiving Him and following Him.
81. The more you follow the teacher, the more you will get good results.
82. By reading the scriptures, you cannot get God-realization. You are to follow the master nicely to be God-realized.
83. Ritualistic people give the oblation of ghee in the external fire. It is only external worship. But the yogi offers the oblation of inhalation and exhalation to the real soul fire inside the cranium.
84. Find out how to be still. The body, the breath, and the mind should be kept in harmony, rhythm, and calmness.
85. Whatever you study in the scriptures should be applied in your daily life.
86. The needle of the compass of your mind should always point to the North to His presence.
87. In reality we are not the individual wave of consciousness separate from the sea of cosmic consciousness, but the ocean itself.
88. God is the sole-doer; this is your constant liberation.
89. Only by introverting the five restless senses and going to the atom point, can one perceive, conceive and realize the indwelling Supreme Soul.
90. Many thoughts and impressions are stored in the midbrain. You are to erase them through meditation.
91. To acquire spiritual education sincere seekers must practice extreme self-restraint and fight their extroverted tendencies.


92. To eat or fast, or not to eat certain foods, are all things that belong to your mind, not to the soul.
93. If you read and practice one verse of the Bhagavad Gita or the Bible or any holy scripture in your practical life, then realization is in your hand.
94. Good company will make you good, and bad company will make you bad. All evils such as anger, pride, viciousness, cruelty, insincerity, suspicion, doubt, and jealousy are considered bad company.
95. Many roads go to Delhi. Similarly, there are many ways to realize God. But follow only one to reach the goal.
96. When one becomes desireless, one's actions do not bind any longer and one becomes free.
97. People engrossed in work become absorbed in the ego of doer-ship.
98. Those whom you see are not different from you. We all are one, but playing different parts. Do not forget that it is just a play.
99. People seek company according to their own nature.
100. You are never separated from God, as the wave is never separated from the ocean.
101. The power of God pervades in and out of everything. You are to perceive it and be free.
102. Heaven and hell are within you. Happiness and unhappiness are within you. Liberation and bondage are within you. Divinity and devils are within you. You are to accept one and avoid the other.
103. Spiritual wealth is the only personal property that no one can ever take.
104. When you feel inclined to read the scriptures, it is your soul inspiring and prompting you. The search will eventually lead you within, to Him.
105. Constantly think of Him, no matter what you are doing.
106. For God-realization you do not require any flowers, fruits, or sweets. Your heart is your only flower. If you can give your heart, then you will get no sense of body and you are giving everything.
107. Who will bless whom? The One Who is within you will bless you.
108. The guru opens your mouth, with his finger he puts food in your mouth and closes your mouth, but you are the one who has to chew and digest. The guru cannot do it for you.
109. That person who realizes the truth does not speak about his attainment. Once the experience comes, there is nothing to gain by speaking about it.
110. Observe the bee. If it does not find honey in one flower, it will fly to another flower.
111. Feel the presence of God as much in your friend as in your foe.
112. Anger is the greatest enemy of a person.
113. Love is the principal thing.
114. It is the desire of every human being to attain peace, bliss and joy, because inner peace is our birthright.
115. Every human being has two forces within - centripetal and centrifugal. The centripetal force is the soul, and the centrifugal force is delusion, illusion and error.
116. One who is merged and saturated in the soul, perceiving the power of God within, will feel the divine ecstasy, joy and love.
117. Your five sense organs are your enemies.
118. Your body consciousness is your enemy.
119. If you remain in knowledge, then you will get all-round development.
120. Every moment you are a new person. God is changing your body and mind constantly. Then why should you not change yourself and realize your inner Self?
121. Forgetfulness of the inner Self is a deadly disease.
122. Your divinity is in your hand. Your liberation is in your hand. Your spirituality is in your hand.
123. Karma binds us, but once we turn to the eternal, it can also set us free.
124. All true gurus are alive, regardless whether or not they have retained their physical form.
125. As long as you have body consciousness it will be impossible to forget death.

Source: "Nector Drops" by Paramhansa Hariharananda
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