Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five Stanzas to Sri Arunachala

Holy Mountain Arunachala is considered as holy as the himalayas. It is believed that even today, there are many saints reciding in this holy hill and helping the mankind unnoticed. Many saints believe this holy hill as live, full of energy. Hymms to Sri Arunachala are a result of  Sri Ramana Maharshi's strong Faith, Deep Respect & Gratitude and Complete Surrender to Sri Arunachala. Below are the hyms in praise of Sri Arunahchala.
1. Ocean of nectar, full of grace, engulfing the universe in Thy splendour! Oh Arunachala, the supreme itself! Be Thou the sun and open the lotus of my heart in Bliss!

2. Oh Arunachala! In Thee the picture of the universe is formed, has its stay, and is dissolved; this is the sublime truth. Thou art the inner Self, who dancest in the Heart as 'I'. 'Heart' is Thy name, Oh Lord!

3. He who turns inward with untroubled mind to search where the conciousness of 'I' arises, realizes the Self, and rests in Thee, Oh Arunachala, like a river when it joins the ocean.

4. Abandoning the outer world, with mind and breath controlled, to meditate on Thee within, the yogi sees Thy light, Oh Arunachala, and finds his delight in Thee.

5. He, who dedicates his mind to thee and, seeing thee, always beholds the universe as thy figure, he who at all times glorifies Thee and loves Thee as none other than the Self, he is the master without rival, being one with Thee, Oh Arunachala, and lost in Thy bliss.

These five gems in arya-giti meter are the essence of Upanisads, Sri Ramana Maharshis Vision of Arunachala in the language of the gods.

Ramana Maharshi considers Arunachala to be the Hrdayam / Spirityal Heart of the Planet Earth. This is also stated in Vedic lore and scripture.


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