Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Advaita Vedanta Basics - The SELF (Vivek Choodamani)

133. The Knower of the changes of mind and ego, and of the activities of the body, the organs and Pranas, apparently taking their forms, like the fire in a ball of iron; It neither acts nor is subject to change in the least.

134. It is neither born nor dies, It neither grows nor decays, nor does It does not undergo any change, being eternal. It does not cease to exist even when this body is destroyed, like the sky in a jar (after the jar is broken), for It is independent.

135. The Supreme Self, which is different from the Prakriti and its modifications, is the essence of Pure Knowledge, and Absolute. It directly manifests this entire gross and subtle universe, in the waking and other states, as the substratum of the persistent sense of egoism, and manifests Itself as the Witness of the Buddhi, the determinative faculty.

Source: Vivek Choodamani

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