Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Uddhav Gita

The Uddhav-Gita is in the nature of a dialogue between Bhagawan Sri Krishna and His ardent devotee Uddhava, and is incorporated in the Bhagavata (which was expounded to King Parikshit by the sage Suka) for presentation of the philosophy of the Vedanta in a simple and easily understandable way.

The Uddhav Gita comprises of the wisdom imparted by the Guru of Gurus, Krishna to His dear friend Uddhav, just before Krishna left the world in His transcendental Body.

Brahma, accompanied by his offspring like Sanaka, and the Prajapatis and celestials, came to Dwaraka one day. Bhava – Sri Parmeshwara, who is aware of the past and the future, also came to Dwaraka with his following of demi-gods. In the city of Dwaraka, resplendent with riches and prosperity, they saw the wondrous form of Krishna and looked at him for long with un-winking eyes, un-satiated. Brahma, having extolled Govinda, stationing himself in the sky after making due prostrations, along with Parameshwara and the celestials, addressed the Lord as follows.

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