Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017 - Few words on Prayer

Wishing You & Your Family

Happy New Year 2017

Few words on Prayer …

Pray to God to purify our hearts and give clarity.
Pray to God to forgive our debts.
Pray to God that we may not fall into temptation and free us from evil desires.
Pray for inner transformation so that we constantly feel the presence of God.

Prayers are quickly heard of those who feel God is very near to them.

When you pray, pray in closed doors, in secret.
When you pray, do not think that God will here if you make too much of noise.
When you pray, do not publicize it. It is a personal affair.

When you pray, use not vein repetitions
Let prayer flow through your heart …

Let it merge into infinite as river surrenders and merges into sea ...
Let us merge in God, stay rooted in him
And be filled with Love, Faith and Surrender
Let Joy erupt from our unconditional Surrender
And Live the way he wants us to Live …
And stay in circumstances he wants us to stay …
Without any complaint, without any trace of Ego …
Let us Surrender, be Happy and Contended, Overfilled with Inner Joy.
Let us enjoy inner beauty.

Let God Radiate his Divine Love through our hearts
Let us Surrender, be Happy and Contended, Overfilled with Inner Joy.
May this inner joy continue to radiate in our lives.
… Is my prayer from the Bottom of my Heart.

Happy New Year 2017!


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Indiaspirituality Amrut said...

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