Monday, September 5, 2016

Prayer to Lord Ganesha

On the auspicious occasion of gaNesha chaturthi on 5th Sept 2016, let us pray to Lord Ganesha

|| ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः ||

|| Om shrI gaNeshAya namaH ||

May Lord gaNesha, by whose grace, auspicious muhurata becomes auspicious, grant us intelligence, the discriminative power (viveka), as taught by veda-s.

O gaNesha, bless us with AtmA-anAtmA-viveka. Let the right logic guide us on spiritual path and not contrary to it.

o gaNesha, grant us vairAgya, which, along with viveka makes abhyAsa and meditation easy.

O gaNesha, we pray to you, who resides in the mulAdhAra, from where our spiritual journey begins, to direct the prANa (energy) of this chakra from material obsession, to spiritual progress.

O gaNesha, those who do not find any need to control their lower three chakra-s, and thik they can directly activate anAhata by chanting the holy names of Ishvara, let them know that there is no way for them to ignore controlling lower chakra-s, which needs thy grace.

o gaNesha, let them know that lower chakra-s are the base of spirituality and can be regulated by right dhArmika conduct and by thy grace. Neglecting them, is dangerous, as spirituality without the dharmic base, can be anything, but not spirituality. It becomes center of ego, and an opportunity of fulfilling vested interest. May you guide us properly on our spiritual path that best suits us and that we are capable of.

O gaNesha, give us initiation into spirituality, as without thy grace, nothing can be started, nothing started without grace can be fruitful.

O gaNesha, grant us the nature of thy elephant form, curiosity, the curiosity to know thy Brahman

O gaNesha, grant us the quality of being ever alert and remove laziness and procrastination.

O gaNesha, please grant us the quality of thy trunk, which is strong, flexible, and sensitive.

O gaNesha, please grace us with the quality of alertness and constant focus on Brahman, which is depicted in your eyes,

O gaNesha, grace us with the quality of thy ears, receptivity. Make us receptive to spiritual teachings and hearing the inner voice, as they are necessary for a disciple and spiritual progress.

O gaNesha, grace us with the quality of thy big belly, which is capable to digest the teachings of Atma-vidyA that the sages and gurus teach.

O gaNesha, thou residing in mUlAdhAra, no work can be accomplished if mUlAdhAra is not activated by thy grace. Please grant us thy blessings and direct all our actions towards you, the unborn, of the nature of praNava, the only creator, preserver and destroyer of the world.

O gaNesha grant us riddhi (success, accomplishment), on the spiritual path. May we, at all times, remain focused on Brahman.

O gaNesha, bless us so that our heart always longs for Brahman, as longing is the means to realise Brahman. Bless us riddhi (success) in longing.

O gaNesha, grant us dhyAna siddhi
grant us, Asana siddhi
grant us, dhyeya siddhi
and grant us, o guardian of Atma-vidyA, the best amongst all, Atma-siddhi

O gaNesha, I may forget you in extreme favorable circumstances and I may doubt your very existence in bad circumstances, but you never forget us and always do what is necessary and good for spiritual upliftment of humanity.

O gaNesha, forgetfulness may be considered a sin, but it is indeed a boon, as it is good to forget our sins after repenting and making decision not to repeat them again, as one cannot live in guilt, nor under the burden of sins. With thy blessings, we forget what is unnecessary, but we may never forget you.

O gaNesha, may I not live in past, nor do I worry about future, may I always live in present moment, as that is what I am. Let me accept 'this moment' and dissolve in it to realise truth.

o gaNesha, bless us with detachment so that we can be extra gentle on ourselves and do not need to use any force or extra effort to stay detached, but stay as witness effortlessly simply by surrendering to this moment (the presence).

O gaNesha, the foremost of all deva-s, may we all know and abide in our true nature in this life itself.

।। ॐ शन्ति शन्ति शन्ति।।

।। हरि ॐ तत् सत् ।।

।। ॐ गम गणपतये नमः।।

Om shAnti shAnti shAnti

Hari Om Tat Sat

|| Om gam gaNapataye namaH ||

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