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How the Self (soul) which is sentient, becomes the onlooker of the insentient intellect etc?

Question:  Question arises as to how the Self (soul) which is sentient, becomes the onlooker of the insentient intellect etc., because the onlooker can see objects of its own class?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  The answer is, that the soul identifies itself with the sentient matter and accepts its own separate entity as "I am". This "I" is neither insentient, nor sentient. By identifying itself with matter, it believes "I am rich or I am learned." By giving to consciousness (self), it says, "I am Brahma".

Thus this "I" is the soul seated in Nature, which is the cause of his birth, in good and bad wombs (Gita 13:21). Thus the embodied soul has both the sentient as well as, the insentient. The sentient portion attracts him towards the Lord, while the insentient portion, due to identity with matter; attracts him towards world, and thus he becomes the perceiver (onlooker) of intellect, mind, senses, sense objects and body etc.; This assumed identity or affinity is the root cause of all evils.
Source: "Maanav Jivan Maatre Kalyaan ke Liye Hai" in Hindi pg 80 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Question:  We understand that this embodied Soul (Jeev) is a part of God, was always a part of God and will always be so, but how and why did it get caught in the birth and death cycle?

Swami Ramsukhdasji:  I can give you the answer to this, but truly, it is not necessary to get entangled in this type of conversation. In fact it is more harmful. How did I become dirty? From where did this dirt come? Who could be responsible for this dirt? How useful can such conversations be? It is not useful at all. When you become dirty, best is to immediately go and clean your self up. What is the point in getting caught up in the whys and hows?

In short, the reason for being entanglement and trapped in the birth and death cycle is attachment. Today, we like money and pleasures, and this is the root cause or main reason for being trapped in the birth and death cycle. The minute we stop liking money and pleasures, we will be released from this vicious cycle. It is that simple! It is because in our minds there is this desire for still wanting to trade.

Therefore, if someone complaints about you, do not worry, do not be concerned. From today, this moment onwards, release everyone. Give them complete freedom. Let them have free will to complaint about you. By releasing them all, you will be released. You will be released and you will benefit immensely. Let them go ahead, full swing complaining about you. You, be quiet. Be Silent. Do not try to explain yourself. Let them say that you are bad, remain unaffected and remain happy, be joyful at all times.

How you got entangled is not so relevant, just get detangled and be silent. By trying to explain this, it is paying disrespect to the Truth. Give up desires and wants. This desire for others to think well of you, wanting respect from them, wanting praise from them, all these are problematic.

Everyone may say he is an enemy of his parents, his teacher, his family etc. (Jaani Ram kutil ker mohi, log kahe guru saaheb drohi)

Whatever anyone wants to say, let them say. With Your grace, let my love for Sita-Ram continue to increase with each passing day. (Sita Ram charan rati more, ........ anugraha Manasa)

Source: "Saadhan, Sudha, Sindhu" in Hindi pg 715 by Swami Ramsukhdasji.


Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram said...

Self soul this should be gained by spirituality and the hardship in terms of god to make a inner soul pure with all the energy to be devoted towards god.

Ramananda Acharya said...

Life is not a bed of roses but a battlefield. No one can escape suffering.Sri krishna used to say that, caught in the net of the five elements, Brahman weeps Incarnations of God are also seen to undergo much suffering.Hence it is useless to try escaping from the inevitable. Heat and cold,loss and profit, pleasure and pain-dualities of life always come together.fully accepts this fact and remains calm,and turns his mind towards God

ketki said...

Spirituality is the mother of science.It is said that where science's limits ends,spirituality starts...The great Indian Ram-Krishna Paramhans have reached to the deapth of spiritualities and this write up is well written about the same.Keep it up.

Indiaspirituality Amrut said...

Thank you Ketki ji. These are not my words, these are words of Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj, a renowned saint respected by all.

Devotee- Vinit said...

Mr. Gaurav is there any medium to talk with you??

Indiaspirituality Amrut said...


There are two authors of Indiaspirituality Blog. To contact me, please email at indiaspirituality[at] . To contact Gaurav, you can click on his profile which can be found in the footer in 'Contributors' section. It will take you to his Google+ profile, where you can comment on relevant post. At times he is busy and he does not respond fast. In that case, you can email your query to me and I will forward his email ID.

Hari OM

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