Saturday, February 20, 2016

Indiaspirituality Blog now available in HTTPS - protocol for secure communication


Dear Divine Souls,

Indiaspirituality Blog is now available in HTTPS - protocol for secure communication.

Both URLS work

In Firefox (Ver 44.0.2), browser it will show a green lock before address bar. 
In Google Chrome (Ver 48.0.2564.116 m) and Opera (Ver 34.0), green lock disappears after the page is completely loaded. 
In Microsoft Edge and IE 11,  address bar shows grey lock.

Some browsers may not identify blog as secure due to hotlinked images to third party, or using of jscripts that hotlink to third party URL. We have tried to reduce external images and scripts to minimum so as to make blog more secure.

Visitors will have to type https://  manually after site loads in http:// protocol. HTTP sites do not show http:// . Site or blog directly starts with and shows earth symbol in address bar.

Both urls are considered as different. This will affect number of visitors. Never mind, we are more concerned with security than page hits.

Hari OM

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