Wednesday, January 20, 2016

[Update] Hindu Dharma – Traditional Overview v9.3.1 b released

|| Hari OM ||


It has been some time now since the blog has been updated. Lots of changes were made to article Hindu Dharma – Traditional Overview, earlier named as 'Hindu Dharma – The most organized, integrated spiritual and practical way of life'.

Since the article is too long (more than 182 pages), Blogger makes error to save this post. As a temporary solution, we have embedded in an iframe. Advantage is that the document will be auto updated. Links in TOC (Table of Contents) now work. Disadvantage is from SEO POV. Google does not index the whole article. Even if Google does index the contents of this page, it will not give them priority in search query as iframe is a mere reproduction of a html page which is already Indexed by Google.

HTML version is the best option to read this article. It loads fast, TOC has working bookmarks and the article is auto updated 5 minutes after updating the main article in Google Docs

This article is now available on many formats and is uploaded to and Scribd. Please find various links below.

Please note that the latest updated article is available only in HTML format, Google Docs and in iFrame embedded in blogger post. 

We have tried to make a website, however since this article was actively updated, it was not possible to keep all the versions updated to latest version, specially the website. Hence we have delayed updating website. Since website is launched only on experimental basis, we have not given it's URL.

Still, the article is far from complete, but with 182+ pages, it has covered many topics. sanAtana dharma is a vast topic and even a 500 page website will not be enough to cover all aspects. It is not possible to publish release notes or pin point what we have updated as lots of changes in present chapters were made along with additional of new chapter.

We have tried our best to keep things simple and sincerely hope that readers will find this article interesting. 

Hari OM

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