Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Samata Books Needs Funds


Samata Books has published some old books of spiritual nature.They are in need of funds for further printing of books.

Please find a letter from the owner:

Due to paucity of funds we are unable to reprint the books. We are in a crisis. My fear is if some publisher prints my books i will be doomed. We need Rs.3 Lakhs to reprint JNANESHWARI, THE DAKSHINAMURTI STOTRA, HE CAN WHO THINKS HE CAN, GOSPEL OF BUDDHA, ADI SANKARACHARYA'S PRABODHASUDHAKARA and VISION AND WAY OF VAASISHTHA. If you do not mind in circulating our appeal to your friends and like minded souls, it will be helpful for us. Sorry for bothering you.


+91-94440 10706


Scott said...


I know this is an old post, but I need to inform the community of spiritual seekers of what kind of outfit Samata Books is, in hopes that no one else becomes a victim of their greed.

I reached out to Samata Books through their website in an attempt to get copies of The Ten Great Cosmic Powers and Sri Chakra Puja. Their representative, Krishna Velury, contacted me back to inform me that he did indeed have a copy of The Ten Great Cosmic Powers, although Sri Chakra Puja was out of print. I was so happy to have found a copy of this book that I also agreed to order a few other books from the site. I promptly sent payment as soon I received the invoice from Mr. Velury. Since then, I have sent inquiries to Mr. Velury regarding the shipping status of my order. Over a month later, I have not heard back from him. It appears that he has chosen to keep my money and cease all communications with me.

The most frustrating thing about this unfortunate incident is not the loss of money, but the spiritual knowledge in these books that I am being deprived of, simply due to the greed of the publishers. It's sad, but there have always been many unscrupulous persons eager to fleece sincere spiritual seekers out of their hard-earned cash, and it appears that Samata Books is run by such individuals. Buyer beware,

Indiaspirituality Amrut said...

Pranams Scott

It is not good to hear this. I talked to Mr. Veluri Krishna in 2014. Though he didn't confirm that he has received payment, he did send books by Regd Book Post.

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