Saturday, June 14, 2014

Parmartha Prasanga - God or World

25. We want to enjoy all the pleasures of the world to the full and to have the realisation of God at one and the same time. Vain dream! It cannot be done, my friend.

26. If God comes and says: "What do you want? Do you want me—or do you want to live a happy life full of name, fame, health and wealth for a hundred years with wife, children and grand-children?"— ' you will find that, except, perhaps, for one in ten million, all will eagerly pray for the latter.

27. To realise God one must devote oneself to the task heart and soul—a hundred per cent. Not even less by a millionth part of one per cent, or the minutest fraction thereof, will do. What almost all of us seek is to realise Him easily, without much toil and trouble, and without sacrificing anything. We want to compromise between God and the world. We think that if the Guru out of his infinite mercy can get Him for us, and give us salvation, nothing could be better than that. Alas, how can this be? "The Lord must have His entire due, settled and squared to the last farthing."

Source: Paramartha (Parmatha) Prasanga - —Towards The Goal Supreme— Swami Virajanandaji Of Ramakrishna Ashram

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