Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meaning of varAh-nAsI (Varanasi) as given in jAbAla upanishad

jAbAla upanishad explains the meaning of Varanasi in chapter II

II-2. ‘Which is that (place) where Avimukta (Siva) is established ?’

 ‘He is established in between varana and nasi’. 

‘What is (meant by) varana and what (by) nasi ?’ 

‘The varana is so called as it wards off all the faults committed by the (ten) organs (of perception and action). 

The nasi is so named as it destroys all sins committed by the (ten) organs. (The place between the varana and the nasi is the meeting place of the upper part of the nose and the centre of the eye brows). 

‘Which is the seat of that (Avimukta) ?’ 

‘That, which is the (well known) juncture of the eye brows and the nose, is the juncture of heaven (in the form of the crown of the head) and this world (in the form at the end of the chin). The knowers of the Veda worship indeed this juncture (Samadhi) as Sandhya (in their daily worship). That Avimukta is to be worshipped. He who knows this thus (the true nature of the Avimukta), imparts the wisdom of the Avimukta (that the individual Self is no other than the attributeless Brahman, to his disciples).

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