Friday, January 24, 2014

Everything OK: INDIASPIRITUALITY Blog Restored


Dear Divine Souls,

Yesterday, I had informed about INDIASPIRITUALITY being compromised. Now everything is back to normal. Blog is restored back.

Only a handful of pages those loading TOC's were affected. There could have been change of hacking if the pages were loaded, as the script loads only if the page is opened, not otherwise.

Subscribed members were not affected, as the feed burner app is not in anyway related to this hacking. We use Mailchimp as our feed burner for our email subscribers. Even if you must have message and may have clicked on the link and landed on the page describing that this blog is compromised, still, there no chance that the malicious code would have been entered, as that post didn't use any of the scripts.

The blog was submitted to to check for infection and everything is reported ok. The message is 'No new messages or recent critical issues.'  (which was obviously not the message that I got yesterday :)

Still two if the pages, TOC- Meditation and TOC-Kathamrita, posting auto-updated blog posts labelled / categorized under 'Meditation' and 'Ramakrishna Kathamrita' were still being blocked by google, maybe because of cache or until robots might re-index them. However, to remain safe, both pages were deleted and new pages were setup.

Even after the pages are deleted, google still shows them as suspicious, probably due to cached reports.

New URLs are


Ramakrishna Kathamrita

Old deleted URLs were - Please do not click them.

Inconvenience caused is regretted.  If you find any issues, please report to indiaspirituality [at] (replace [at] by @ )


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