Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

On this occasion of New Year, I express my deepest love and wishing you a year of real peace, bliss, and love to continue for the rest of your life.

Growth means success

Growth is a parameter of development. We need to become greater, to gain in strength, if we are to adequately face the challenges of life and find both balance and ultimate success. No doubt that the external journey is necessary as we progress through life but the inner journey is the essential factor for our evolution.

Opportunities - Use for internal and external Growth

God creates opportunities, and we must proceed with the best effort. The plants, trees, and creepers are moving towards light. Let us move towards the life goal of realizing the reality and divinity, which is already within us.

A Self Promise

Let us make a promise, not to repeat the mistakes done in past. Not repeating a mistake is a virtue. Let the virtues in life replace our vices.

Life – A gift of God

Life is a beautiful gift of God. Let us consciously use His gifts in loving and serving His creation. Let our life become a life of love and service. We can really love when there is no desire to be loved. We can really serve when the desire to be served does not exist within.

A New Life – A Better Life

Let us begin a new life, a life of love and compassion, a life of purity and simplicity, a life of dedication and service, a life of prayer and meditation.

A Gift to God

Every moment we are to be a better person as in every moment we are one moment closer to God. What we are is the gift of God to us. What we become will be our gift to God.

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