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How to let our spiritual practices (sadhana) be free of doubt?

Question: How to let our spiritual practices (sadhana) be free of doubt?

Swami Ramsukhdasji: Yes! it is important to let the spiritual practices be pure i.e. free of doubt. If there is any doubt, remove it through books, questions, inquiry etc. Even if you think that the world is real, then it is no problem to stick to that view. But if you have any doubt about it, then remove that doubt by thinking over it, discussing until the doubt is clarified. If you believe in the existence of God (Soul), then without any doubt stick to this view. Being free of doubt is essential in one's spiritual practice.

You may follow any spiritual practice, but follow it without a doubt. It will be very beneficial. But when one has doubt, he perishes. The Lord declares - "The man who is ignorant and who is of a doubting nature, perishes" (Gita 4:40). The Lord declares, "the doubting self has neither this world, nor the world beyond, nor any happiness." (Gita 4:40).

We doubt that some people may have attained God Realization. In fact we doubt and do not even accept that we can attain God or Self Realization. When we ourselves have doubts, how can we ever attain God Realization?

Do not create obstacles. Do not close the door by doubting. Open all doors today. Accept that the same God is present in an exalted soul and in us. Acceptance will open all doors. Open the gates of your mind and self. Nothing new needs to take place or needs to be learned. When we say - I cannot accept, without first having complete understanding or without making logical sense, we are closing the door. Accept it first. This is my sincere request to all of you. All are born of God and all are dear to Him. He loves all. His Grace is equally on all. Just accept without any doubts and the rest will happen by itself.

From "Jin Khojaa Tin Paayiya.", page 63

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