Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meaning of 'Hari OM' from Advaita Standpoint

Hari OM is a short form for 'Hari OM Tat Sat'

Om is beyond 3 gunas and goes into turiya state. From OM Maya was created. OM is the representation of Nirguna Brahman. It is the only Mantra that can effortlessly (in hindi: sahajta se) establish or merge the seeker in Nirvikalp Samadhi.

Hara means to remove troubles / bondages / Doshas / Granthis. Hari means one who removes troubles and bondages i.e. Remover of bondage.

so hari is Remover of Bondage
Aum / Om is one which takes one beyond Gunas in to turiya. All 3 Gunas (Satva, Rajas, Tamas) are doshas and OM takes one above these doshas, breaking Hriday Granthi, breaking bondages into the Realm of Atman / Brahman which is Sat-Chit-Ananda. I would collectively call Dosha, bondages, granthis as bondages (Bandhan).

So, Can I translate it as (My salutations (pranams) to) OM, the remover of Bondages, who takes one into the realm of Sat-Chit-Ananda Atman.

Hari is also connected with Shri Vishnu, who is the remover of bondages, granthis, etc. 


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