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Shubh Deepavali Evam Nutan Varshabhinandan

Ganesha Red
Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Deepavali


A Peaceful & Prosperous New Year

In today's world things are so dynamic. There is no stability, there is no trust. Things change very fast. We do not have any faith in God or Shastras. We only believe what we see. We have all become

Slaves of Five Senses

Lets consider two sense organs: eyes and feet. Since we are born our eyes are constantly active in sensory perception. We mistakenly tend to make judgments based solely on appearance, always seeking out only what pleases the eye. The beauty industry thrives on this tendency, luring us to spend small fortunes on products that will make us more attractive in the eyes of others. Today the fashion industry, the fitness industry, the entertainment industry and tourist industry and almost every consumer based market in the world, depends on our slavery to the sense of sight. If, instead of being attached to names and forms, we are able to see the beauty of God in everything, all these multi-million dollar industries, as well as their dire by-products such as eating disorders and depression, would disappear overnight.

It has been scientifically observed that the eyes of a restless person or mentally depressed person move very quickly and blink frequently. In the desperate urge to drink more and more stimuli, we become confused and mentally anxious. The eyes of those who meditate blink less. They have a detached look. By gradually controlling the mind through meditation and deep breathing, we are able to gain detachment from the sights which surround us, thereby avoiding sensory overload.

Our feet lead us towards many different directions. The urge to move here and there, never being able to sit still, is purely a physical reflection of the mind's inability to focus and remain calm and still in one place. People travel all over the globe on the mistaken assumption that travelling thousands of miles will somehow make them happier.

Some people cannot last in one job for very long, they need change, excitement, diversity and are soon bored with their current environment. They drift from job to job, from town to town, continually seeking an elusive fulfillment. On a more basic level, we may have noticed how many people are simply unable to sit still. Their legs are moving even they sit on chair, they tap their feet or always shake their legs in nervous need for motion. Meditation enhances the ability to sit still on one position for an extended period of time. When the mind is tranquil, so is the body.

Source: Universe Within – The Journey Through the Chakras

(11) When by continued practice of Japa and meditation, the mind will have become calm and purified, then mind itself will be your Guru, or guide, and you will have proper understanding of everything, and find the solutions of your spiritual doubts and questions within yourself. The mind will tell you what you should do, one thing after another, and how you should conduct yourself.

Source: Parmarth Prasanga - Towards The Goal Supreme by Swami Virajanandaji Of Ramakrishna Ashram.

Whats the solution to still mind and live a spiritual life?

Always pray 'Of God, Give Me What Is Best For Me' and Meditate on him.

Arjun in Gita always surrendered to Sri Krishna and humbly prayed, 'Oh God give me what is best for me” Though at times he expressed his desires and his wishes i.e. not to fight and tried to compare the paths i.e. is Yogi better or a Sanyasi, he realized that he did something wrong and finally surrendered to Sri Krishna and humbly prayed to Sri Krishna to guide him and take decisions on his behalf. God chose a path for Arjun which best suited him. Without any hesitation, Arjun followed Guru's updesha with Full faith and surrender.
Let us be like Arjun, though we all have our presumptions, let us, like Arjun, unconditionally surrender to God and pray to God to 'Give me what is best for me', rather than praying to fulfill a particular wish.

Stay surrendered to God. Let God take your life's decisions and guide you until you are merged in him. Let God take control of your life.

Unconditional surrender has it's own benefits.

Ego does not raise it's Head.

The biggest benefit is that if we get success, we wont feel egoist as a devotee and a disciple always gives credit to God and Guru.

Everything happens for the good of all.

Another benefit is that whatever decision God takes for us, it will always be for the good of us (of course from spiritual standpoint). We will not be attached to the results as we are not doing anything on our own, but following God's and Guru's advice. A disciple does not initiate any new activity, but only follows Guru's or God's instructions. Everything happens according to the divine plan. Nobody can change the divine plan and those who know never try to do so. Hence, you

Accept everyone 'as it is'

Nobody except Ishavara (God) is perfect, everyone has positive and negative qualities. A spiritual person will accept each and everyone 'as they are' with their positive and negative qualities. This helps them stay neutral.

Neutral mind qualifies for meditation. Neutral mind helps one meditate better. On the other hand, a meditation helps one stay neutral and surrendered. A neutral mind is

Calm and Steady Mind

As one regularly meditates on God with or without form with full samarpana and shraddha, mind is purified, demands reduce. One bugs things that are necessary. One does work that is compulsory and skips optional work like watching T.V. Reading newspapers, as a sadhaka (seeker / meditator) equates and compares everything with God and finally choose God, where things are not compulsory i.e. Necessary for survival. As a result of satisfied, contented mind, which is calm and neutral, always surrendered to God, meditate on God with full faith and does not care about what world thinks about him, nor gives any importance to worldly activities,

Peace and Bliss flow uninterrupted

As one unconditionally surrenders and depends only upon God, one feels uninterrupted flow of bliss resulting out of deep peace, which one never experience in day-2-day life. This peace and bliss does not depend upon any external factor or upon anybody, but on the contrary, it is as a result of Vairagya, shraddha and samarpana.

i.e. As a result of absence of desires of ever demanding mind (vairagya) and strong faith in God (shraddha) and unconditional surrender to God (samarpana). Hence it is long lasting.

But today, instead of making an effort to calm our mind, we keep the mind active. No effort is made to make one understand that spirituality is to calm mind and finally mind has to merge into brahman. As a result, we have become deceased with the

Worm of Spreading Teachings and doing Social Service

While most spiritual aspirants think of expanding their foundation or they themselves take decision to serve humanity, is it not better to unconditionally surrender to God, let him take your life's decision and guide you till you merge in him? Why? Because the one who has created this universe is more concerned about it than you are. God is more capable then you. Then why not surrender to God unconditionally and let him decide for you what you should do and what you should not.

After one becomes totally unconcerned and has no interest in this world and society, but abides in SELF, to some souls, according to divine plan, God brings them back from Nirvakalp Samadhi and orders him to work for the good of all.

Jnani is the only one who is totally surrendered, has full faith in God and does not have any wish, either to do or not to do any work. Jnani is absolutely neutral and unconcerned about anything and everything that is going around him. The only thing that influences him is God / Brahman. According to the divine plan, God works through him. Jnani, who is the one without any ego, is a true bhakta (devotee) and the best instrument who does not have any resistance and effortlessly flows with the divine plan.

In order to serve, one must receive a direct command from God, says Sri Ramakrishna.

An Excerpt:

The task of a religious teacher is indeed difficult. One cannot teach men without a direct command from God. People won't listen to you if you teach without such authority. Such teaching has no force behind it. One must first of all attain God through spiritual discipline or some other means. Thus armed with authority from God, one can deliver lectures.

"After receiving the command from God, one can be a teacher and give lectures anywhere. He who receives authority from God also receives power from Him. Only then can he perform the difficult task of a teacher.

"How is it ever possible for one man to liberate another from the bondage of the world? God alone, the Creator of this world-bewitching maya can save men from maya. There is no other refuge but that great Teacher, Satchidananda. How is it ever possible for men who have not realized God or received His command, and who are not strengthened with divine strength, to save others from the prison-house of the world?

A man's ego is destroyed quickly*[1], if he gets into the clutches of a real teacher. But if the teacher is an 'unripe' one, then both the teacher and the disciple undergo endless suffering. The disciple cannot get rid either of his ego or of the shackles of the world. If a disciple falls into the clutches of an incompetent teacher, he doesn't attain liberation."

Source: Ramakrishna Kathamrita: MASTER AND DISCIPLE, M's first visit with Sri Ramakrishna
So, If you want only and only Moksha, Get rid of worm of 'spreading the teachings'

Another worm is Serving Society. It is not good to become involved in many activities. That makes one forget God says Sri Ramakrishna

An Excerpt:

"Sambhu Mallick once talked about establishing hospitals, dispensaries, and schools, making roads, digging public reservoirs, and so forth. I said to him: 'Don't go out of your way to look for such works. Undertake only those works that present themselves to you and are of pressing necessity — and those also in a spirit of detachment.' It is not good to become involved in many activities. That makes one forget God. Coming to the Kalighat temple, some, perhaps, spend their whole time in giving alms to the poor. They have no time to see the Mother in the inner shrine! (Laughter.) First of all manage somehow to see the image of the Divine Mother, even by pushing through the crowd. Then you may or may not give alms, as you wish. You may give to the poor to your heart's content, if you feel that way. Work is only a means to the realization of God. Therefore I said to Sambhu, 'Suppose God appears before you; then will you ask Him to build hospitals and dispensaries for you?' (Laughter.) A lover of God never says that. He will rather say: '0 Lord, give me a place at Thy Lotus Feet. Keep me always in Thy company. Give me sincere and pure love for Thee.'

Source: Ramakrishna Kathamrita: THE MASTER AND KESHAB

So, If you want only and only Moksha, Get rid of worm of social service

Lives of saints are an example of what a realized saint is capable of doing after Self Realization and getting direct orders for God. When God assigns you any work, he also gives you the ability to complete the given work. In case of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna transferred his Siddhis to Swami Vivekananda so that Swami Vivekananda can accomplish the given task.

To spread spiritual teachings or serve humanity, would be like blind leading blind, patient treating patient !!!

To serve humanity one has to build and maintain contacts, manage ashram or foundation.

Power and money deludes even pious and knowledgeable men.

How could a knowledgeable men be overpowered by illusion? In Mahabharata, We have an example of Rajaa Nahush, who was once crowned as Indra – King of DemiGods, ruler of Haven, fells on earth because of a curse by Agasthya Muni, which was given as a result of his misdeeds.

During Mahabhata times, Cursed King Nahush met Yudhisthira in the form of a huge snake. After some conversation between the two,

Yudhishthir said - "You know everything and you did so well that you lived in Heaven. How could then illusion overpowered you? I am in great doubt at this point."

The snake (King Nahush) said - "Prosperity intoxicates even the most intelligent and valiant man. This who live in luxury, soon lose the reason. So I too, O Yudhishthir, lost the reason after getting prosperity, fell from there and after recovering my self-consciousness I am enlightening you. O King, You have done a great good for me. By talking to you my curse is cleared. When I was in heaven, I used to take tribute from Maharshi, Dev, Gandharv, Raakshas and all other people of the three worlds. Whoever I saw I destroyed his power. Thousands of Rishis used to pull my chariot. And this became the reason of my fall.
At one time, Nahush was King of Haven, Indra. His mind turned to sensual pleasures. He started seeing Apsaraa's dances and got himself surrounded by them.

On one occasion I sighted Indraanee (Indra's wife). He sent a message to Indraanee that since he had become now Indra he was coming to her palace. Indraanee took refuge to Dev Guru Brihaspati and upon his advice, Indraanee sent the message to me that she was ready to meet him, but she had a condition, that he should come in a palanquin which is carried by Rishis. In the happiness of meeting Shachee Nahush forgot that he should not ask Rishi to carry his palanquin.

He was just so very happy to hear that he would have Indraanee. He forgot all etiquettes and he asked some Rishi to carry his palanquin to Indra's palace. He forgot everything in that happiness and he employed a thousand Rishi to carry his palanquin. Since Rishi were not used to this work they were moving slowly. But Nahush was in hurry to meet Indraanee, so at one time he pushed Agastya Muni with his foot and said "Sarp, Sarp". Sarp in Sanskrit language means "hurry, hurry". Now "Sarp" means snake also, so Agastya Muni said - "You are calling us "Sarp, Sarp", you yourself become Sarp and fall on Prithvi." I immediately fell from my chariot and as I was falling down to earth, I saw myself turning into a snake with head downwards. I asked for his forgiveness and asked him to pardon me. The same moment he turned into a Sarp (snake) and fell down on Earth. Muni said - "You will be released from this Shaap (curse) when you will catch the mightiest person on the Earth and Yudhishthir will answer your all spiritual questions."

He kindly told me that the virtuous king Yudhishthir will save you from this curse. When your pride will finish then only you will attain salvation. I was wonder struck to see the effect of his austere Tap. And that is why I asked you the question about the attributes of the Supreme Spirit and Braahman. Truth, charity, self-restraint, penance, A-Hinsaa and to be constant in virtue are the characteristics of a Braahman, not the family connection; and by these virtues a man can get salvation. Good luck to your this mighty brother Bheem, and you be happy, I must go now to Heaven."

It is always better to surrender to God and stay neutral, meditate and realize your true nature.

Let this Diwali be a new beginning …

But how can one become Self Realized?

Diwali is a festival of lights. Esoteric meaning of light is the inner meaning is 'awareness of inner light'
Central to Hindu philosophy, is the assertion that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal, called the Atman. Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Deepavali is the celebration of this Inner Light, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance), awakening the individual to one's true nature, not as the body, but as the unchanging, infinite, imminent and transcendent reality. With the realization of the Atman, comes universal compassion, love, and the awareness of the oneness of all things (higher knowledge). This brings Ananda (Inner Joy or Peace).

To realize one's true nature, symbolic meaning flame of diya (lamp) is to be understood and contemplated.


The nature of flame is to burn uninterrupted. So men has to remember God or chant his mantra continuously without any interruption. With regular and sincere practice, mantra continues in subconscious mind when one is occupied with work. If one chants mantra before sleeping, mantra continues throughout night and the first thought on waking is the mantra. In the morning, preferably Brahma Muhurata, meditate on Mantra i.e. chant the mantra and go to the source of mantra and mind will calm down. Mantra continuous throughout day in subconscious mind. If one has Moksha as the only goal, with consistent efforts, by the grace of God and Guru one can realize one's true nature.


The flame has to be steady and so needs to be protected from the wind. Steadiness represents steady and continuous flow of mantra and wind represents thoughts which make flame unsteady and may even extinguish it. This flame of mantra has to be protected. The protection is to meditate in separate room, if possible and regularly retire into solitude once in six months or at least once a year. Isolation is necessary for spiritual progress. Prayer and surrender is also essential for spiritual progress.

Not giving importance to worldly activities and vairagya (absence of worldly objects & desires in mind) is also important.

Giving importance to God and not giving importance to anything else ensures spiritual progress.

Vivek, Vairagya, Shraddha, Sharanangati, Sadhana, Reading Shastras, Accepting Things 'As It Is', Surrendering Work and Fruits of Work to God, etc, are essential for spiritual progress.

All these qualities slow down speed of thoughts and hence mind calms down, thereby making it more stable and healthy. They make you in control of your senses.

In today's world things are so dynamic. There is no stability. There is no trust. Things change very fast.

It's Time to Slow Down Mind – Stay Surrendered – Have Faith – GOD EXITS !!!

Happy Diwali !!!


[1] Edited to be in flow.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal opinion of the author. There is no intention to hurt / challenge any faith or any path.

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