Monday, October 22, 2012

2 new blogs added and 1 blog updated in Spiritual Blogs of Note

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Following Blogs is added to Spiritual Blogs of Note and Search Engine.

Category: Blogs on Hinduism

9    Suvarnabhumi Nusantara

Exploring Vaishnavism in South East Asia and Indonesia

Blog explores Hindu dharma in Indonesia focused on Bali, as Bali is the only province that contains Hindu Majority. Balinese people practice Vaishnavism, Shaivism and other similar Hindu practices.

10    Temples of South India

A guide to Ancient Temples & Pilgrims of South India

As the title suggests, this blog tries to provide information about temple, it's location and ways to reach it.

A relatively new blog.

Following Blog was updated:

In last Post, I had mentioned that there was no Archive Page, but it existed. It is not displayed only on home page. My apologies for the same. Divine Brahmanda Team have also added Table Of Contents (TOC)

8    Divine Brahmanda

Date Added: 17.10.2012 | Updated: 22.10.2012   

Divine Brahmanda is a unique informative Blog. It has a good collection of spiritual helpful tips, explanation of Slokas and devotional songs with audio. Audio file may or may not contain full songs or stotras.

None of the audio, ebook or any downloadable file is hosted by Divine Brahmanda. They are all external links. 

Blog has quality content. Table Of Contents (TOC) helps to easily explore hugh collection of useful articles.

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