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Sahasrara Chakra



Sahasrara Chakra


Sahasrara chakra: is the entryway to the Absolute, where the soul unites the limited universe with the unlimited universe without. This chakra is otherwise known as Brahmarandhra (the adobe of Brahman) and muktidvara (windows of liberation).

Location : Crown of the head
Number of Petals : 1,000
Element : Beyond the elements
Colour : Colourless
Presiding Deity : The supreme Self (Paramatma)
Quality of Nature (Guna) : Beyond all qualities
Seed Syllables : OM
Benefits due to concentration : Wisdom / Liberation
Name of Fire : Visarupa mahanaagni (Cosmic Fire)
Vrittis (Tendencies) : Experience in the atom point
Loka (Plane of Existence) : Satya
Vital breath : Vyana (omnipresent vital breath)
Gland : Pineal
Virtues : All virtues manifested
Zodiac : Beyond the zodiac
Planet : Beyond the planets

The Sahasrara chakra is located in the fontanel at the top of the head. It corresponds to the soft place in the scalp, the hole in the skull of new born babies, which closes when the child is around three or four months old, leaving a very small gap still open. The Sahasrara chakra is the chakratita chakra, the chakra beyond all chakras. Sahasra means thousand and ara means the spoke of a wheel. It is a wheel of one thousand spokes. Why a thousand? It is multiple of 1 x 10 x 10 x 10. The number one is the Supreme Soul within the body expressed in three states of existence. The first ten represent the ten directions; four sides, four corners, above and below, which cover all the existing space. The indwelling self manifested like this is the causal body. When it is expressed through mind and breath, it is subtle or the astral body with it's ten vital breaths, and when expressed through the ten organs, it is the physical or gross body. The wheel of life rotates in a thousand directions (a thousand is not to be taken literally. It simply represents a multiplicity of activities).

The Sahasrara is also called the lotus of a thousand petals. It is the biggest lotus. Unlike the other chakras, where the lotus blooms upwards, in the Sahasrara, the lotus blooms downwards. Modern scientists have defined this chakra as the energy surrounding the brain.

The Yogis call it the doorway to the infinite. When one concentrates in the Sahasrara there is a mixture of seven colours just as when sunlight, passing through a prism, is split into seven colours. The outermost is indigo, followed with blue, green violet, red, orange and yellow. The inner place is also called the brahmarandhra, the hole of the Absolute. Through this opening, the soul enters the body of the baby in the mother's womb and then a few months after birth this door is being closed again.

The Vast Inner Sky

When one goes into deep meditation and reaches beyond the Ajna chakra, one experiences the Sahasrara as a vast inner sky. There are stars and planets just as in the outer sky, but if one goes even higher up, beyond stars and planets, there is one vast sky where there is only light. In deep meditation, when one reaches great heights, one experiences the limitless, formless aspect where all lights merge into a single light.


The earth has terrestrial magnetism. It has a north pole and a south pole. Correspondingly, the body also has a north and a south pole. We normally say north to indicate up and south to indicate down. South is the place of material activity and north is the area of spirituality and calmness. Between the northern and southern poles of the body, all activities, material, physical, emotional, religious and spiritual are possible. At the extreme end of the North Pole, when one reaches the atom point, everything dissolves and one attains realization.

Beyond Name and Form

A father took his five children to a store to buy some candies. The sweets were in the form of dissimilar animals and each of the children picked a different form: a lion, an elephant, a deer, a bird and a human figure. Each child was convinced his candy was the best of all. The first one said that the lion was the most powerful as it could eat all the other animals and even human beings. The second said the elephant was far better as it was the biggest of all and soon started a big argument. When their mother came to see what was happening she inquired about the reason for such a quarrel and the children, sustaining their reasons, explained the origins of the fight. Their mother smiled and reminded them that in reality the essence of all the candies was only sugar, that all the different candies were all just as sweet, so they had no reason to quarrel. All they had to do was to enjoy the sweetness inherent in the various forms. The five children represent the five lower centres, busy with name and form and the mother represents the sixth centre, asserting that all names and forms are only apparent and once in the mouth the candy melts leaving only sweetness and joy. In the Sahasrara one is free from all names and forms, totally absorbed in oneself, experiencing inner peace and happiness.

Chakra Purification

The seven chakras form a garland of fourteen lotuses going up and down along the spine. Dedicate this garland to God as God was the one who have these cosmic energy centres to man. Always connect each centre with the source of energy and, when acting through any chakra, never forget to act in God consciousness. While meditating, when you focus your attention on each chakra, offer each chakra to God. Concentrate, purify and energize each chakra through your concentration, the negative propensities of each chakra will be removed and your mind will be pure, happy and peaceful. The chakra purification is also a part of an intricate yogic process, which highly advanced Yogis do, infusing their energy in order to help the student savor supernatural experiences.

Stars and Planets

Just as the outer universe has stars and planets that are believed to influence human life, all along the spine, in the inner universe, one finds the entire zodiac. By meditating and energizing the spine, the adverse effects of the stars and planets are neutralized. People go to astrologers to know their future through astrological calculation, yet it is our inner stars and planets, the subtle zodiac present inside the spine that can be instrumental in radiating cosmic light and thus benefiting our life's endeavours.

Source: The Universe Within - The Journey Through The Chakras, Pages: 74-78, Chapter 3


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