Friday, September 7, 2012

Quotes by Kriya Yoga Masters

Sanyal Mahashaya

Shri Sanyal Mahasaya Quotes

  1. In order to achieve realization, have strong self-control in every aspect, practice steadiness of mind, put your faith in the scriptures and your guru, accompany this with devotion, compassion for others, and remain non-attached

  2. Direct your mind to think of nothing but your soul, and then concentrate on each exhalation and inhalation

  3. Through spiritual evolution one becomes free from the torture of passion, anger and greed.

  4. Without patience one cannot progress on the spiritual path

  5. Man has enough time for self-development. Start now!

  6. Forbearance is the best policy in life

  7. Because of restless breath, mind cannot remain steady at any fixed point

  8. As fire purifies metal, breath-control purifies the mind and the senses

  9. The purpose of breath-control is to keep the body and mind free from negative vibrations

  10. Push yourself to sit in one position longer and practice meditation

  11. True penance is to endure the dualities in life like heat and cold, pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and censure

  12. Practice observing silence or speak only a little

  13. Never create a sense of fear in others, refrain from using harsh words

  14. Analysis (vichara), detachment (vairagya) and good company (satsanga) are helpful to attain steady spiritual growth

  15. Keep control over your tongue, to gain control over your life

  16. Pranayama can remove all inner impurities

  17. Strong desire, keeping good company and practice are the three steps for quick spiritual evolution


Swami Shri Yukteshwar Quotes

  1. All roads to ultimate liberation are closed, whether one's work is righteous or unrighteous, unless one's sense of body, mind, intellect and ego completely withers away and dies in the infinite essence

  2. Every day practice meditation, recite spiritual songs, discuss these among yourselves and render service to each other

  3. If, through practice, one always trains the mind to stay absorbed in the sushumna, then through this royal path, the divine energy flows; as a result life becomes calm and quiet

  4. If man becomes judicious, reasonable and attentive about everyday ordinary things, he can go on to achieve higher things

  5. The performance of duties with unflinching attachment is one of the fundamental reasons that cause worldly bondage

  6. If one purifies the mind with undeviated devotion and love, one will perceive the all-pervading infinite chaitanya (consciousness) as an all-glowing sun within oneself

  7. Attainment of wisdom gives rise to the death of all desires

  8. The life of householders should be like that of a river serving others

  9. To be established in existence, awareness and bliss is of utmost importance and all other work becomes secondary

babaji1 babaji_small

Mahavatar Babaji Quotes

  1. Patience, ceaseless efforts and strong determination make everything possible

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