Saturday, September 22, 2012

Change of Service Provider for Email Subscription

(This Post serves Dual Purpose of Test mail and Announcement of change in email subscription service provider)


Dear Divine Souls, since Google is closing down Feedburner, we have shifted to Mailchimp. You are receiving this Email since you are subscribed to INDIASPIRITUALITY Blog. Until now, INDIASPIRITUALITY was using Google's Feedburner to send Latest Blog Posts to email subscribers. Since google is stopping Feedburner service on 20 Oct 2012, and we are not getting any subscriber info on Feedburner anymore, we have transferred your email address to MailChimp, another RSS to Email generator similar to Feedburner.

You will be receiving Email as Indiaspirituality or Indiaspirituality Amrut from email id indiaspirituality[at]

It will take time to get used to new RSS to Email service due to our limited technical knowledge. Till then, please bear with us. We hope you like this change.

Feel Free to contact us incase you face any problems.

Default Feed url will be

Feedburner Feed url is

Currently, is auto redirected to

If you stop receiving any updates, please change your feed address.



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