Saturday, July 14, 2012

12 new blogs added to Blogs of Note

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Following Blogs is added to Spiritual Blogs of Note and Search Engine.

Category: Spiritual Blogs

1. The Voice of Stillness

"You and I are One"

Down to earth straight talk on nonduality and living a liberated life

Though this blog does not point to shastras, it's articles and philosophy / teachings are similar to Advaita Vedanta. Very informative blog. Excellent blog for all, specially westerners.

The Blog also has a Satsanga Forum, which is password protected.

Two New Sections added:

Category: Blogs Dedicated to Sri Ramsukhdasji Maharaj / Sri Jadayal Goyandka ji and Sri Hanuman Prasad ji of Gita Bhavan

2. Amrut Vani

Blog Dedicated to Sri Jayadayal Goyandka ji,

3. Satsang is the only practice !

Blog Dedicated to Swami Ramsukhdasji.

4. Satsang is the only Sadhana

Blog Dedicated to Swami Ramsukhdasji in Hindi.

5. Satsanga Sudha

The Blog focuses on Sri Hanuma Prasad ji's writings in Hindi.

Category: Blogs Dedicated to Radhanath Swami of ISKON

6. Radhanath Swami - Quotes

From his teachings.

Blog Dedicated to Sri Radhanath Swami, Contains Swamiji's quotes.

7. Radhanath Swami.Org

Without Humility you can have knowledge, but not realization.

Blog Dedicated to Radhanath Swami's quotes and photos

8. Radhanath Swami Wallpapers

Blog Dedicated to Radhanath Swami's quotes and wallpapers

9. Radhanath Swami.Info

Radhanath Swami articles.

Blog contains Radhanath Swami's teachings and writings.

10. RNS Online

Radhanath Swami on Life, Insights, Nature and Events

Practical answers given by Radhanath Swami.

Category: Semi Spiritual Blogs of interest. Contains good articles on spirituality

11. Religion2God   

Discover the truth of life, God, religion, meditation, spirituality and much more.

Nice informative Blog. Author is acquainted with Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, some others text and biographies of Great Saints.

12. Priya Ram's Blog

Author has great Reverence for Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi), who is a great saint and humatinarian, with prima faci goal of serving humanity.

Blog focuses on Social service and on Bharat with articles quoting Amma's words.



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