Sunday, October 9, 2011

Peaceful Protest at Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne) continues


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about a play 'Ganesh versus the Third Reich' played at Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne) form Oct 6, 2011. After watching the play, Hindus are very upset. Peaceful protest was conducted by Forum for Hindu Awakening. Media representative of the Play is not giving any response when contacted over telephone.

While, we Hindus, prefer to leave at peace with other religions, we certainly cannot accept anything that hurt our sentiment and degeneration of our God. There are repeated attempts, in the name of freedom of speech and expression, to hurt Hindu Sentiment. While violence is not a preferable way to protest, Peaceful demonstration definitely is.

As a Hindu, I wish 'Forum for Hindu Awakening', my support and pray to God, that the ojbective of peacefull educative demonstration, is successful.

For latest news please visit here.

To here Protest interview audio recording (in Hindi) on SBS Radio visit:

Hari Aum

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