Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's protest CANCELLED | Lord Ganesha play at the Malthouse theatre, Southbank on the 29th of September


w.r.f to Degeneration of Lord Ganesh at Melbourne

|| Sree ||

Dear Supporter of Hinduism,

This is an update to my earlier email to you about holding a protest rally outside the Malthouse theatre on the 29th September ( Thursday ).

At the outset I would like to thank all of you who have shown solidarity in protesting against this denigration.

Recent developments

In the past few hours, there have been various developments that have transpired which i would like to apprise you of.

On Wednesday (28th of September ) at 3.00 PM, five representatives ( a representative of the Hindu Community Council of Victoria, 2 VHP youth leaders, a member of the Hindu society of Victoria) of the Hindu community on the invitation of the Victorian Multicultural Council met with the organisers of the play " Ganesh versus the Third Reich" to express the various objections of the Hindu community.

After hearing all the objections, the organisers of the play were apologetic and have promised to remove the objectionable content from the websites of the Malthouse theatre, Back to Back theatre and the Melbourne festival. The objectionable content that will be removed includes, the denigratory images of Lord Ganesh and the disrespectful writings on the website about Lord Ganesh.

They have requested that the Hindu leaders in victoria see the play and then assess the play for any denigratory references to Lord Ganesh.

After the meeting. there was a joint statement issued in which Back to Back theatre has offered to remove in appropriate references with in the website and promotional material will be amended or removed if not removed.

Protest on hold

In view of these developments, and to respect the outcome of the meeting, Forum for Hindu Awakening has decided to put on hold the protest which was organised for the 29th of September at the Malt House theatre at 7.30 PM.

Proposed further action

1.    Based on the request of the organisers of the play, we will be sending a representative to view the play on the 29th of September. The representative will make notes throughout the play and will watch out for any denigration and trivialisation of Lord Ganesh.

2.    If we find any objectionable material in the play, On the 30th of September (Friday) we will inform the play organisers along with the Multicultural Council of Victoria with a view to cancel the play. If this request is turned down by the organisers, we will be left with no option other than going ahead with the protest.This has been tentatively scheduled for the 1st of October (Saturday) at the Malthouse theatre at 7.30 PM.

We will keep you informed of any further developments after we view the play.To lear about the latest developments, please visit our website at

With Kind Regards,
Gaurav Kathuria

Volunteer Member,

Forum For Hindu Awakening

Info by Shri Gauravbhai of Hindu Awakening through e-mail.

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