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Degeneration of Lord Ganesh at Melbourne


Dear supporter of Hinduism,

We have received a complaint from a Hindu about a play 'Ganesh versus the third Reich'. This play will premiere as part of the 2011 Melbourne Festival. It will be performed at the Malthouse Theatre from 29 September to 9 October 2011, in Melbourne, Australia. The website of the play shows a picture of a man with elephant head in Sumo like dress posing behind Hitler which is not in accordance to the Scriptural description. Portrayal of Sree Ganesh is contrary to the way Hindu Scriptures describe His form and as depicted in Hindu temples and shrines. It is highly objectionable to Hindu religious sentiments that the revered Deity is being used in the fictitious context. You can learn more about this denigration at:


We protested this denigration by writing to the producer & director of the play, organisers of the Melbourne Festival  as well as  the management of the Malthouse Theatre where the play will be performed, requesting them to cancel the performance of this play (Please see below e-mail trail). However, the producer of the play and organiser of Melbourne Festival responded by saying that a meeting will be held next week with representatives from the Hindu Community Council, facilitated by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, representatives from Back to Back Theatre, Melbourne Festival, Malthouse Theatre and the Indian High Consul in Melbourne.

Below are details of the avenues where supporters of Hinduism can express and register their peaceful protest, to all the involved organisations of the play against this blatant denigration of our revered deity Lord Ganesh.

Malthouse Theater (where the play will be performed)

Postal Address: Merlyn Theatre, 113 Sturt Street, SOUTHBANK 3006.
E-mail:; Media Manager (; Media Coordinator (

Back to Back Theatre (management of the play)

Postal Address1: Alcoa Studio 3, Level 1, 75 Ryrie St, Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3220
Postal Address2: PO Box 1257, Geelong, Victoria, Australia 3220
Telephone: +613 5221 2029; Fax: +613 5229 0525
E-mail: Executive Producer (Alice Nash -; Artistic Director (Bruce Gladwin -; Company Manager (Stacey Gladwin -; Marketing and Relationships Manager (Alice Gerlach -


Postal Address1: Street: Level 5, 180 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Postal Address2: PO Box 10, Flinders Lane, Melbourne Vic 8009
Phone: +61 3 9662 4242; +61 3 9652 8626; Fax: +61 3 9663 4141
E-mail:; Head of Marketing & Communications (

(Please do cc or inform us of your protest, as we strive to keep you updated about the progress of this protest by the Hindu Community)
"Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha | (Dharma or God protects those who protect Dharma !)"

Sadhaks at Forum for Hindu Awakening  (

E-mail communication with Back to back theater:


Subject: Denigration and trivialisation of Lord Ganesh | "GANESH VERSUS THE THIRD REICH"

|| Sree ||

Namaste Alice,
I came to know through a news article about your play involving one of the most revered deities in Hinduism Lord Ganesh. Accordingly I happened to go to your website to understand the nature of this play and I was disappointed to see the blatant trivialisation and denigration of Lord Ganesh, a deity who is revered by millions of Hindu's worldwide.  Hindu's have temples of Lord Ganesh for Lord Ganesh devotees, there is one in Victoria in The basin. I would request you to visit the temple and understand the sentiment and the kind of reverence Hindu's hold towards Lord Ganesh. It will help creating some sensitiveness about Hindu beliefs and culture.

I do not oppose humour which is the intention behind your play, humour is an essential part of our life, but it can't be at the expense of hurting the sentiments of others. This blatant trivialisation and denigration of Lord Ganesh is against the taste of multiculturalism and tolerance towards others spiritual practices and beliefs. I would sincerely request you to please stop this play from premiering in Melbourne festival and kindly apologise to the Hindu community in Victoria for hurting the sentiments of Hindus.

In anticipation of your favourable response.

With Kind regards,
Volunteer member, Forum For Hindu Awakening.


Info by Shri Gauravbhai of Hindu Awakening through e-mail.

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